Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Why My Ice Roller Fucking Rocks.

Many, MANY of you have been asking wtf an ice roller is, and what is does for your face/skin.

I've Snapchatted this, I've Insta'ed this, and I got a ton of responses. I promised a full blog post, and here it is. 

This is kind of a breakthrough beauty tool. REALLY. 

We've all heard of ice facials and how good they are for your skin. The benefits are endless, but they cost a ton. Even Lauren Conrad blogged about the 'ice cube facial,' which basically means taking a block of ice from your freezer and rubbing it over your face. Well, long before Lauren Conrad blogged about this, my best friend, Victoria was on this 'ice cube facial' thing. She literally rolled ice cubes on her face for years before going to bed, and first thing in the morning. 

So, when I came across the Hansderma SkinCool Ice Roller, I had to try this out. I mean, there's nothing more annoying than having ice water dripping down your hands while massaging your face. Also, no one likes cold fingers. 

The ice roller just made SO MUCH SENSE.

We've all had those nights. Oily, salty, fried food nights. A couple extra glasses of martinis. You wake up feeling swollen. The ice roller is a game changer, I'm telling ya. Just trust me on this one. 

So, what is it? Basically a compact tool, either with a plastic head or stainless steel one that basically lives in your freezer. You pull it out and roll it over your face until it gets warm. This usually takes about 2-3 minutes. The stainless steel head stays cool for a bit longer than the plastic head. 

Every morning, you just take the ice roller out of your freezer, and roll it over your face, eyes, neck. It's basically a mini spa in minutes. It's actually relaxing. I'm IN LOVE with it. I do this every morning. And on weekends every night as well. 

The benefits are endless:

- Use it in the mornings to firm, tighten & lift your skin

- It prevents wrinkles. UM YES.

- Perfect for getting rid of zits. It's cools the irritated area, and makes zits appear smaller.

- It LEGIT shrinks your pores.

- Reduces swelling and puffy eyes. I LOVE rolling this under my eyes. Morning hangovers are a bitch. And this will make you feel a thousand times better...TRUST ME.

- Great for reducing redness after an eyebrow or upper lip wax.

I'd also like to point out that this AMAZING beauty tool isn't just for women. Men should be using this too. Especially after a shave. 

It's also great for traveling. Airplanes, airports, and overall traveling can make your skin feel gross. Having the ice roller with you, and popping it into the freezer when you get to your hotel room, can save you! It's small and compact and can fit anywhere. 

Okay, so who else has been ice rolling? I've been doing this for months now, and it's actually changed my life. 

Xx, kim

Photoraphy by Victoria Jmourko.


WorkingMomMagic said...

I dont know how I have NEVER heard of this thing.. but now I feel like I need one! Thanks for sharing! :)

Kimberley Marquis said...

Honestly, you will fall in love with it - just like I did!:)

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