Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Currently Loving.

As the warmer weather rolls around, I literally can't contain myself when it comes to summer fashion. Just getting out of my boots (which wasn't that long ago, btw!) and into some cute flats and open toe sandals, are a feeling like none other. 

Is anyone else in the same boat here? I'm sure we are ALL feeling the same way as summer approaches!

I'm breaking down some of my current faves. You guys know when I get my hands on fabulous things/clothes/stuff on sale, I MUST share! 

1. This adorable off-shoulder mini dress is to DIE for. It's a steal at $25.00 from ASOS! Run, don't walk. Off-shoulder, flowy dresses are what's up this summer. Super trendy and perfect for any occasion, as you can totally dress it up or down.

2. Another ASOS find; these black patent leather flats. Again, my obsession for cute flats runs deep this summer. Haha. If you haven't seen my post on cute flats, check it out here. These are just perfect for when you are giving up on your pumps at the office after a wretched two hours of running around in them....amiright?!

3. I looove these woven athletic pants! Super, super comfy and great for those "hikes" I take. LOL. But really, anyone who hates running or working out in short shorts, these are the perfect kinda pants. I have all kinds of them. HATE. SHORTS. Okay, 'hate' is a strong word...

4. Gutta love this Kate Spade crossbody! How do you go wrong?? You don't...you just don't with this one. So cute, and obviously white for summer. I live for this little crossbody. 

5. Totallly loving this one piece from Free People. So far I have "collected" three one-piece bathing suits, and have not stepped foot into any water. Well, in my defence, it hasn't been the best weather the last few weeks. I do plan on using them, I swear. I'm just obsessed with the one-piece lately. So chic, no?

6. Okay, I don't have these Nike sneakers yet, but MAN, are they on the list!! Love, love, love them. Anyone else have these? I know they already rock your world, but I would love to hear it from you guys. Share!

7. Lastly, I know this isn't a one-piece bathing suit, but it's off-shoulder and high rise, so, I couldn't NOT add it to the list, you know? How chic is this though? Freggin love it. 

Okay, there you have my current obsessions. 

Anything you guys are loving this summer? Share, share, share!

I'm off to browse some more flooring for the condo! Funnnnn stuff. Come along on Snapchat for all my home adventures.

Talk soon, kim xx


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