Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Flats You Will LOVE This Summer.

Fave Flats


Hi Hi!

Okay, so I'm totally switching over from my love for heels over to these superrr cute flats!

I've been SO into just simple black/white flats lately, and I thought I should probably share the obsession with you guys. #duh

As we approach "summer," most people love floral everything. And as much as I love colour in my wardrobe, I'm kind of sick of seeing florals. Anyone else? It seems to be "trending" every fucking summer. Like no. Let's switch it up shall we?

I'm all for colour, but can we not do SO MUCH floral?!

Okay, I'm done raging.

Which is why I'm very much into these simple black and maybe a printed flats. Play up your outfit but lets keeps the flats to a minimal. Amiright?

K, so I'm still on the hunt for a few more flats to add to my shoe closet for this Spring/Summer, so leave links in the comments if you see cute ones.

Also, snap me (kim-marquis) if you're sporting cute flats today. I wanna seee!

Xx, kim

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