Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Outfits For You Guys....ALL Under $80.00!!

Easter Outfits


Happy Easter Long weekend, friends!!

I have to say, I'm terribly disappointed in the weather this year. Last year I was in a dress and enjoying the sunshine. This year, I feel like I need to be bundled in a parka...

Nonetheless, I have picked out some SUPER cute Easter outfits for ya'll, regardless of the cold weather. I'm so obsessed with colour and prints this time of year. I mean, isn't that what Spring is all about really? Oh, and also off-the-shoulder stuff. LOVE.

I'm seeing off-shoulder dresses/tops everywhere lately. I'm still on the hunt for a really chic off-shoulder, white maxi dress. So if you guys see that ANYWHERE, please share the link in the comments! I will love you forever. ;)

So, what's everyone's weekend plans? Mine revolves around family and food. I can't wait to stuff myself with a lot of chocolate as well.

ALSO!! Remember this post??? THIS WEEKEND IS the last of my coffee strike!!! YASSSSS!! Like, hand over the coffee pot and leave me with it, thank you very much!! It has been a crazzzzy 40 days of Lent and I somehow survived it without coffee (I don't know how!)

I am SO looking forward to my cup (or many cups) of coffee on Sunday.

Did anyone give up anything for Lent that was kinda killing them?? Share in the comments! If you survived it, CONGRATS! If not, there's always next year. Haha.

Anyway, I wish you all a Happy and Blessed Easter with your families xx

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