Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cute V-Day Inspired Outfits | His & Hers.

Last year's V-Day look.

Any excuse to dress up right? Even for this "holiday"....

Just put together some of my favourite pieces that I'm loving, for you guys. February is all about colour. We are coming out of our blacks, greys, and navy phase and finally seeing some colour again. The shops are full of pinks and reds. Which I totally love seeing, fyi. One step closer to Spring!!

So if you are going to celebrate Valentine's Day and get all sassed up for your girl/guy, I've chosen some adorable pieces for you ladies and some really sexy stuff for you guys out there. And let's just be clear that these are not just for Valentine's Day. These can be worn all year round, and are just overall gorg. That top right red blazer is one of my faves. I shall do an OOTD post for you guys on that. And on a sexier note, I'm obsessed with these bralettes. They are SO chic under a white blouse, couple of buttons undone....and ugh, I can't even deal. #sexyAF

Okay, moving onto the men....

I mean, let's get real....nothing is hotter than a guy in a tailored suit. Hands down, sexiest look ever. Unfortunately, unless you're married to a lawyer, you're going to have to settle for something other than suits. And that's why you have these amazing printed shirts. Which BTW I'm absolutely lovinggg lately. I'm seeing them everywhere on guys, and just loving the entire look. Printed shirts and cute nerdy sweaters are so my 'man-look' these days! Chic right? Do you guys agree/disagree? Weigh in!

Okay, stay tuned, because I have a maje Valentine's Day gift guide coming up on the blog soon. Working on that right now...along with my very raw thoughts on V-day. Get excited!

That's all for now---

Xx, kim

Photography by Ravelle Arianne


Jennifer cheetham said...

That poppy dress is so beautiful! Love your outfit though, you're so pretty!

www.Barely There Beauty.com | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


Kimberley Marquis said...

Aww thank you Jennifer!! I will check out your blog!! xo

Yogesh said...
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Yogesh said...
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Yogesh said...

Wooow, the outfits for girls are very adorable. If I had seen these before.
But thanks for posting it is still useful for a date.

Kimberley Marquis said...

Thanks for your comment Yogesh! Yes, they are super cute huh?!

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