Friday, January 8, 2016

Sweater Weather.

Sweater Joe Fresh (SALE!!) |  Jeans Forever 21 (DIY ripped jeans tutorial here)  |  Shoes ASOS

Winter is upon us, and it's slowly killing me...

Guys, you all know how much I dread the cold temps, and the last few days have been unreal. Like -15 unreal. Is anyone else dying just a bit here? When the temps get this low, I like to just cozy up in an over-sized knit sweater and never leave the house. Unless I have to do a shoot, of course ;)

I'm absolutely LOVING over-sized these days. It's so chic, and wherever I can find a turtleneck, over-sized sweater, that's an added bonus. Because t-necks are so in this season. Even for men! They just looks super chic on guys with a blazer. It's very European. Loving it. 

So this week has been all about kicking my butt back into shape and prepping for 2016. Australia was amazing (full post here), however I overate wherever I could. No regrets. I love food. But, that also means working it out and staying healthy. My first hot yoga class in the New Year kind of killed me. It's crazy how tight your muscles get after a few weeks of not going! 

Anyway, what are your fave pieces this season?? Who else is loving over-sized?

Enjoy the weekend! 

Xx, kim

Hair by: Andrea Piva
Photography by: Victoria Jmourko


courtney conway said...

Love that sweater! I love how chunky it is, but not overwhelmingly large!

Kimberley Marquis said...

Yes, that's what I love about to too, Courtney! Thanks for your comment!!

Stephanie said...

I love lower temps. I didn't do yoga for a week or so because ii was sick and my body is so sore after trying to get back into it. I feel your pain! You look gorgeous! Love the outfit!

Kimberley Marquis said...

Haha, yes, it's super hard trying to get back into it. But another few more yoga classes and we'll be good! Thank you for the sweet comments, Steph! xo

Honey said...

I love your look but I would freeze to death if I was wearing that here.
And I just love T-necks but fitted ones (over-sized clothes doesn't go great with my body shape).

Kimberley Marquis said...

Where are you from Honey? It can't possibly be colder than Canada! Lol!

Honey said...

Well said hahha Croatia (Europe). I hope you took off your jacket only for photo shoot :'D

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