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Let's Meet The Lunch Lady.

So as the Holiday season approaches us, I want us ALL to be ready when it comes to festive meals and how to eat right during this time! I know I know, it's near to impossible to not over-eat during the holidays, and I'm definitely not an expert in this department, so I've brought on The Lunch Lady to talk to us about this! She's going to shed some light on not over-eating as well as share some of her festive recipes! 

{ Intorduce yourself }

My name is Ruthie Burd and I am the founder of the Lunch Lady, a Canadian company committed to providing school lunches that support the curriculum's message about embracing a healthy attitude to food.  I am not a nutritionist and when the Lunch Lady began over 22 years ago, I was not much of a cook. But I believed that busy parents would appreciate a break from making school lunches and value a program that offered them a wholesome alternative as most elementary schools in Canada do not have cafeterias.

The company I started in 1993 has evolved into a business that delivers thousands of meals to school kids in 4 provinces through a network of dedicated franchise partners. We work with public health professionals, schools, nutritionists and parents to ensure that we are offering our customers kid friendly options that are made a healthier way and support businesses in their own communities. 

I live in Markham Ontario, have been married over 25 years and I am the proud mom of  3 boys. 

Ruthie Burd - The Lunch Lady

♡ { What are some of your favourite holiday meals to cook? }

Most of our meals are gluten free and dairy free at home [in support of our son's special diet - he has autism] so over the years we have adjusted the holiday meals to suit our requirements. We always have turkey but roast it un-stuffed and upside down. It makes great gravy this way and the turkey breast remains very juicy. [Stuffing from a box is available for those who like it]  The soup and turkey broccoli casseroles that come from the leftovers are next on the family favourites list. For vegetables, more is always better and we usually have 4 or 5 different ones.  Sweet potato casserole and brussel sprouts with pancetta are the most requested.

♡ { How do you recommend staying fit during the holidays? }

Walk after dinner - walking anytime and as much as possible. We like to check out all the holiday lights and get frozen cheeks.

♡ { Any tips on not over-eating? } 

I think it is hard to avoid overindulging during the holiday season.  In many families food is all wrapped up with being together, tradition and special treats. I try to look at the month of December in a balanced sort of way. There will be times I eat more and times I eat less. I try not to stress about it and I do not feel guilty when I enjoy something decadent. I think about what I eat over a weekly period , not so much about what I eat a one particular party. 

However, that being said I do have some tips:
  • Drink lots of water before and during a party - keeps you full and also helps you pace your consumption of holiday libations. 
  • A healthy snack prior to leaving the house will ensure you are not too hungry when you first arrive
  • Go easy on the hors d'ouevres and save your appetite for the main event... or the other way around.

 { Can you share a couple of easy/ healthy festive recipes? }

You can never have too many carrots or apples... Serve carrot, celery and red pepper sticks in shooter glasses with dip in the bottom for a festive look.

Make a Holiday Crunch Mix with Cheerios, Teddy Grahams or Goldfish, Craisins and fill shooter glasses or small bags tied with ribbon for a quick kid friendly alternative to rich desserts.

Festive Crunch Recipe: 

Per  serving [1/2cup]
3 tbsp
2 tbsp
2 tbsp
Optional SMARTIES [they are nut free]
1 tbsp

Mix ingredients together and pour into individual candy bags. Tie with red and green ribbons if taking to a party or putting in stockings.

Nutrition Benefit - This is a low fat snack with benefits – The basic recipe has 2.5 gm of fiber [12% of your daily requirement] and 8% of your daily iron.  Worried about nut allegies? This recipe is peanuts and tree nuts free!

Thank you SO much Ruthie for giving us some good tips/recipes! If you guys have any major health tips on staying fit during the holiday season, PLEASE SHARE! Cause when I see chocolate mouse cake on the table, there's no stopping me...


Photo by Ravelle Arianne

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