Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tulle Skirts in Paris.

In honour of Paris Fashion Week, which is currently happening, it was only fitting that I post a few photos of my #OOTD in Paris, exactly one year ago. (Also, during Paris Fashion Week!) 

Here's the break down...

When in Paris, wear tulle. I mean, it only makes sense. No? I became obsessed with the idea of a huge tulle skirt about four months before actually going to Paris. The thought just came to me. I saw myself in a gigantic tulle skirt, in the House of Chanel, purchasing...well, just about everything. Oh yeaaa, and then Karl Lagerfeld would show up out of nowhere, and hug me!! 

The reality was, huge tulle skirt. Croissant. Wine. Eiffel Tower. Still, not badddd at all! 

So with this great idea in, walking around Paris in the tulle skirt, that I didn't have at the time, led me into every shopping mall in Toronto, trying to FIND something even close to what was going on in my head. 

After weeks of searching, I finally gave up. No no no, not on the idea of course! Just on the search for a tulle skirt. I thought, heck, I can make my own! And with that thought, came this gorgeous tulle skirt, hand made, by me, that I now own forever! #GOALS.

I literally couldn't be more obsessed with this look! It's sort of 1950s Dior meets 1920s Chanel. I would wear this everyday if I could...

I actually did spend the entire day and night in this outfit. I mean, I did spend hours making this skirt, and wanted to make full use of it. I haven't worn it since, but maybe it's time I took another trip to beautiful Paris. 

Paris was a dream! Especially in this skirt. The skirt and the experience turned out to be exactly what I had imagined, and more. 

If you guys have any questions or recommendations about Paris, PLEASE share in the comments. I love hearing travel tips and recos! 

Ps. I'm also loving the live-streaming of Paris Fashion Week!! Who else is watching?! 

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Stephanie said...

Love the tulle!! So pretty ! You look marvelous! Gorgeous pictures!

Kimberley Marquis said...

Thank you so so much Stephanie!! Love your comments always! xo

Kimberley Marquis said...

Thank you so so much Stephanie!! Love your comments always! xo

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