Friday, October 30, 2015

Because It's Halloween.

Because it's Halloween this weekend, I decided to bring back some embarrassing photos from the past, and show you guys a few of the costumes I was rocking. (There were MUCH more embarrassing ones that I decided to leave out).

So here are my thoughts on Halloween. I really could care less. It's not a holiday that I jump for joy for. It's sorta just 'meh'. If I have a creative costume, and someone is having a house party, sure, why not. I will under no means go out and buy a costume, or line up in the freezing cold at a club where everything is over priced, and everyone is dressed up as 'sluts.' No thanks, that's not my scene. 

On that note, everything you see here is made by me. Fashion school paid off. I can sew. Woohoo!

Jasmine. How typical of me...I know. Haha, but yes, this costume was completely hand-sewn by me. Kinda proud of this one. I was Jasmine the same year Kim Kardashian was Jasmine, and let's just say, I wore it better. 

Below, my best friend went as Tinkerbell. She ALSO designed and sewed her entire costume. 

A few years ago, I was an iPhone. (FYI. I have never owned an iPhone...I know right?) Great easy, yet creative costume idea. I literally wore all black, and printed out some apps on sticker paper and stuck them to me. Don't forget the 'Slide to unlock'!

My best friend dressed as Yuliya Tymoshenko - a former appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine.

This was kind of an accident costume. I actually own this dress, and really love it. I wore it to a party, and someone had pointed out that I looked like Jane Jetson. So I threw my hair up like she had it, and BAM. Instant halloween costume. 

Point of this post is, don't go spending the big bucks on costumes you're only going to wear for one night. Be creative. Think outside the box. You probably have something in your closet that will work. And if not, that's what used clothing stores are ALL about!! 

Okay, so what is everyone dressing up as this weekend?? Stay tuned, I will post my costume on the blog. Follow on Snapchat if you want to see how it all comes together tonight! Username: kim-marquis.

Okay, I'm off to eat more chocolate that's lying around the office. This is bad. xo

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