Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Modern Sari By Sakhuja Designs.

Dess: Sakhjua Designs  |  Shoes Guess  |  Accessories Various (Aldo, The Bay, Forever 21)

Let's talk about this dress!!

I don't even know where to begin with this one. The style, the cut, the vision?? 

Made by one of my beautiful designer friends, Natasha Sakhuja, I had the pleasure of wearing this stunner-of-a-dress to one of Toronto's International Film Festival (TIFF) events. She is such a superstar when it comes to Canadian fashion, and a sweet soul to work with. Her sense of fashion is nothing short of brilliant, and she brings an edge to her designs. Her work speaks for itself as you can see in the dress I'm wearing....seriously stunning, I know.

When I saw this dress, I immediately knew it was for me! It brings out a slight bit of my Indian culture and was something I hadn't worn before. The second I saw it, the fashionista in me started styling the dress in my head. From the accessories, to the hair, right down to the polish colour on my toes. I'm a bit of a nazi when it comes to styling an outfit. I mean, you can have the perfect outfit, but if you F up the styling, you've gone and ruined the outfit. #justsayin. 

Growing up, I never really got to wear a whole lot of Indian clothing. I actually don't even own a sari. So, when I get the chance to rock an Indian outfit, I go full out! Most of you must be thinking 'she's overdone it with the accessories again...' But, we all know me and my 'overdoing' it with accessorizing. It's just who I am. More is more. (But not always.)

Anyways, fabulous dress, fabulous designer. I would never take this dress off, if it were up to me! 

Special thanks to the brilliant Natasha Sakhuja for dressing me. I couldn't have been in a more perfect outfit! xx

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Swati Dixit said...

Wow! This outfit is beyond beautiful, it reminds me of my grandmom's old patterned silk sarees! LOVE the design, the cut and the pattern. What I love more is how you have styled it with so many accessories, yet not overpowering the outfit! You look absolutely breathtaking! :)

Kimberley Marquis said...

Wow!! Thank you SO much for your beautiful comment Swati!! I always do up the accessories, but you're right, never overpowering the outfit! It's too gorgeous to overpower :)

Thank you again! xo

The Curious Creature said...

Loved you in this dress! Made me want to get one too :) Gorgeous darling, gorgeous!

Kimberley Marquis said...

Thank you my love!! @TheCuriousCreature!! Had a blast with you, my stunning date xo

Deepika Jain said...

I love this modern saari style !! Thank you for sharing it. Indian lehenga saari is the best outfits for women and buy online sarees in india at best price !!!!

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