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A Trip Around The World In Pictures.

Delhi, India 2012

Get to know that name, because this guy's work is beyond amazing! If you don't know this already, traveling is one of my greatest passions. So, when I came across Klaus Polkowski's travel photography, I instantly fell in love with his work. He captures the most precious moments of his travels and says so much with his photography! I spent hours going through his website, just gazing at his photos, and wishing to travel once again. 

Being in such awe of Klaus and his incredible photography, I had to pick his brain a bit and ask him a few questions. He is such a talented, smart, and intriguing individual. Check out my interview with him below.

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♡  {Introduce yourself}

My name is Klaus Polkowski. Having travelled the world, including five continents, I have spent my professional career capturing images of people and places that have inspired me along the way.

My background is actually in nursing. Ironically, that is how I got my start as a professional photographer. In the 1980s I worked at a hospital for the terminally ill in Calcutta, India, which Mother Teresa ran. It was there that I happened to meet Gary Woods in a coffee shop. He is a well-known British photographer who was looking to do a book project on Mother Teresa. He asked me to work on the book, Mother Teresa: A Life in Pictures. I started taking pictures in earnest then and have never looked back.

Spain 2013

♡  {When did you realize you wanted to travel and photograph the world?}

I grew up in a tiny town at the foot of the Black Forest. Ever since I was twelve, when I got my first camera, I have wanted to capture the human spirit. Travel was also something I always wanted to do. I would work for a few months to scrape together enough money so I could travel. It seemed natural to combine my two passions into one.

♡  {What is it that you want to say with your pictures?}

It isn’t what I want to say, but rather what others have to say to themselves. I do my best to represent their honesty. It is a true honor to view the world this way.

♡  {How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?}

If you looked at my caving bookshelf, you would know! I have over 500 coffee table books of the masters who have taught me so much. I also have been very lucky to have several mentors who taught me how to improve my photography. I am always learning new ways. Experience and travel have taught me a lot too.

Tansania 2011

♡  {Whose work has influenced you the most?}

I would have to say Gary Woods has influenced me the most in my career.

♡  {This is going to be a tough one, but favourite place you've traveled to?}

There have been so many; it’s hard to choose. Of all the places I’ve been I’d have to say the Highlands from New Guinea; India/Nepal and West Africa are my favourite regions. And New York City is by far my favourite city on the planet.

New York City

♡  {Tell us about your experience in India working with Mother Teresa.}

Although Mother Teresa relied on simple medicine, the people were not only medically, but also spiritually supported on their journey out of this life. They were able to die with dignity.

♡  {What kind of gear do you use?}

In terms of analogue camera: Hasselbland and Rolleiflex; for digital purposes, I use a Nikon. 

♡  {Favourite lens to shoot with?}

Definitely the 120 mm microplanar Zeiss (a special portrait lens for the Hasselblad).

Pushkar, India 2006

♡  {If you weren't doing photography, what else would you be doing?}

I would work as a social or medical worker.

♡  {What motivates you to keep doing this?}

Photography is a kind of meditation (much like working in the dark room). It is an endless devotion and surrendering. That is what motivates me to keep going – the discovery.

♡  {Any advice for aspiring photographers?}

You don’t need to travel to India to take amazing pictures. Let the images come to you. Start at your back door.  And keep taking them. I have tons of images that didn’t work. But I never gave up. Keep at it and you will start to create treasures.

6th Avenue, NYC

♡  {Anything else you want to share with my readers?}

I would love to share my world with you through my postcards and pictures so please visit my shop to get a set of your own (!

Also, my motto is: “In the beginning, I was always searching for pictures. Now, more than ever, they have started finding me.“

More about Klaus Polkowski at:

Photographer, Klaus Polkowski


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Thank you to Klaus Polkowski for the wonderful interview!

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