Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Curly Hair, Don't Care.

Okay, lets talk hair. Many of you have asked me at least 1 of 4 of these questions:

1. Is your hair naturally curly?
2. Do you have extensions in there?
3. How do you keep your curls from getting frizzy?
4. What products are you using?

I'm here to address ALL of your questions regarding my curly hair. Let's begin with 'Is my hair naturally curly?' Yes, yes it is. I have had extremely thick, curly hair since birth, and let me tell you, it hasn't always been easy maintaining my out-of-control curly hair. I have struggled with it for years, and I think I have finally accepted it. You know, we always want what we don't have. I have dreamed of having silky, smooth, straight hair...yeaaa, never gunna happen! 

However, I have come to terms with my hair, and now having found the perfect way to style my hair, I have actually began to love my curls. (Took a while though, not going to lie!)

Moving on...'Do I have extensions in my hair?' No. I've never actually put extensions in there. I would like to try it out sometime though! Looks like they can be fun. 

So I'm about to go through some of my absolute favourite hair products that I use. I don't use them daily, only when needed. Mind you, aside from the hair products I use to keep my hair from looking like a total frizz-ball, I also have AMAZING hairstylists that cut and colour my hair (Onare Salon). They are my life. Haha

Ok let's talk products now!!

These are my top 5 products that I use! Again, I don't use these on the daily. Usually, they go into my hair once I have washed it. 

This Pantene Pro-V Anti-Frizz Curl Creme is everything! I leave my hair to dry for about 10 mins, getting it to that damp stage. Then a couple pumps of this, and that is pretty much all you need to tame those curls! This product has changed my life, and it won't break the bank, which is always awesome! You can either blow-dry your hair after this, or leave it to air-dry, which is what I try to do as much as possible, time permitting of course! 

This is also another great product that I just started using. Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It. This is very similar to the above. I like this one, because it's like a little blow-drier in a bottle. You definitely don't need to blow dry your hair after using this one.  

So, one thing that's great about curly hair, is that it doesn't get oily very fast. This is great because I hate washing my hair. Curly hair in fact, needs some oil. At least mine does! I find my hair to be very coarse and thick, and I find that using a light oil gives it a bit of moisture. This Marc Anthony Macadamia Oil Treatment is great for moisturizing those curls. You don't need much, just a dime size, and for the love of God, DO NOT rub this into your scalp! This goes on the ends of your hair, once your hair is completely dry. It gives it some shine as well. 

Another one of my favourite Bumble and Bumble products is Brilliantine. This goes onto dry hair as well. I won't use this as often as I use the oil, because I feel with my hair type, it needs the moisture. This product gives your hair more of a matte finish as opposed to a shiny finish. A very sexy look!

Last but not least is this amazing hairspray. I have gone though about a gazilion different hairsprays in my lifetime, and I have to say, that I love this one by Redken. It doesn't leave your hair with that sticky feeling which we all hate, and it gives you the right amount of hold. With my hair type, I do need a good hold, because a like my hair looking voluminous. If I was going for a more flat-look, I probably wouldn't use this hairspray. 

So there you have it!! I hope I have answered all your questions regarding my curly hair! If you have more questions, please ask in the comments, Twitter or Instagram! I love hearing from you guys!

Also, if you have curly hair, and know of some amazing products that you can't live without, PLEASE let me in on your secrets! 

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