Thursday, December 18, 2014

Raw, Organic, & Delicious: Greenhouse Juice Co.

If you are looking for something 100% organic, raw, and absolutely delicious, look no further! Toronto is home to four Greenhouse Juice locations and I visited the first location to ever open up for a delightful juice flight (tasting). We were taken through the 5 types of drinks offered, Cold-pressed juices, Handmade Nut Milks, Smoothies, Waters, and Boosters, with explanations about each type of juice and what the benefits are. 

What is a cold-pressed juice

It’s the healthiest way to make juice. It means using hydraulic pressure to extract juice from plants without denaturing enzymes or breaking down nutrients with high levels of heat or oxygen. Our hydraulic presses coax every colourful, delicious drop of liquid from our organic ingredients while keeping their health-giving properties intact, for a raw juice that stays alive for 72 hours.

Check out some of my personal favourite juices below!

East of Eden - A type of cold-pressed juice with Romaine, Kale, Celery, Apple and a hint of Lemon. 
Benefit: Digestive aid, heart healthy, cholesterol fighting, and detoxifying. 

Chia Seed Hydrator - Alkaline Water, Chia Seeds, Lemon, and Maple Syrup.
Benefit: Omega-3 boosting, energizing, rich in fibre and protein. 

One of my personal favourites was Alpha - Butternut Squash, Red Pepper, and Orange. 
Benefit: Anti-oxidizing, heart healthy, and immunity boosting.

For all you chocolate lovers, there is Choco-Maca Milk - Almond Milk, Cacao, Maca.
Benefit: Anti-oxidizing, adrenal support, and energizing.

Our lovely juice flight host, Hana James who took us through all the juices! Thank you Hanna!

If you haven't already been to the amazing Greenhouse Juice Co. be sure to visit one of their four locations and try the healthiest juices out there! Ask as many questions as you possibly can as they are so helpful and will lead you to right type of juices for you. 

Also check out their juices online for more in-depth info! 

A special thanks to Emma Knight and Hanna James for hosting us. 

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Greenhouse said...

They keep the packaging minimal as well

Gillian said...

omaine, Kale, Celery, Apple sound good.

Kimberley Marquis said...

It was so delicious, Gillian!

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