Saturday, November 8, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Woollen Scarves + Thigh Highs.

Boots Marciano  |  Sweater H&M  |  Scarf Portugal  |  Bracelet The Bay

Happy Weekend friends! This look is for the bold. It probably isn't a good idea to wear this one to the office. It's more for those fashion events and places you want to make a statement. Of course, to make this look a bit more wearable and versatile, pair it with some leather tights, or ever a blue jean. On a warmer day, you can also get rid of the woollen scarf and throw on a chunky necklace.

Photographer Ravelle Arianne  |  Second Photographer Jonathan Lai  |  Hair Paolo Marola

 photo Untitledjpg_zpsf7bc9fc0.jpg

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