Monday, November 3, 2014

A Little Slice of Portugal.

I've got a case of the Monday blues.  One of my favourite cures for this, is to look back on a fabulous trip! I know, I know, it's also slightly depressing, considering I'm not actually on a plane right now heading somewhere around the world. However, just remembering the feeling of being there helps me get through this cold, dark, November 3rd. 

This past weekend (in Ontario) we had to change our clocks. So we did gain an extra hour of sleep, however lost the beautiful sunlight in the evening. So now, driving home after a long day of work, in the darkness that is approaching winter, makes me want to drop everything and jump on a flight to...anywhere! 

Here are just a few favourite photos from Portugal. There are many, trust me! 

Love the cobblestone streets that you see all over Europe!

Every corner has a different story.

You don't see very many people in this photo because it was taken around 6am. Our flight just landed, and the hotel room wasn't quite ready. So we took a walk along a street near by to get some breakfast, and just took in the quiet street.

One of the most popular means of transportation around Lisbon...the tram.

What's not to smile about when you are on vacation?

Devouring olives. Before any meal at a restaurant, they serve you bread, cheese, and a bowl of olives. 

More smiles!

I miss having wine at odd hours of the day. When in Europe, you never really notice the time, and whenever you feel like having a glass of wine, there are tons of cafes serving at any time!

Couldn't get enough of the beautiful cathedrals, and churches around Lisbon!

And another beautiful church in Lisbon.

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