Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NEW Canadian Nail Lacquer Line.

If there is one thing I beyond love about the new La Couleur Couture lacquer line, it would be the fact that they are toxic-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly! There is probably never a time you will see my nails un-painted. It's just not my thing. So, i'm always looking for something that will protect the health of my nails, and keep them strong. This is the perfect line for someone like me. I don't want to be using harsh chemicals on my nails day after day. 
Founder and creative director, Farima Hakkak's mission for all women, is to not only look fabulous and have healthy nails, but to be confident in creating their own possibility. The 'wings' on each bottle of nail polish, which is the company logo, represents freedom, inspiration, and hope. I absolutely love a beauty brand that not only has a spectacular collection, but also engages in a positive message!
Check out some of my favourite colours from the new collection:

The couture quality polishes are available in 750+ Shopper’s Drug Mart’s across Canada and are affordably priced at $12.99 per bottle.

Shop the colour on my nails! #1974

Images and samples courtesy of Lotus Leaf Communications

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