Friday, July 11, 2014

Life In Photos.

I'm just one of those people that stop and 'snap' everything. Photos to me, are everything. My boyfriend always says to me "just enjoy the moment." But the moment will eventually go away and I want to capture it before it's gone. 
Enjoy my life in photos:
Nothing like a cup of Italian espresso in the morning. 

Enjoying 'Scoops' ice-cream on Lakeshore.

In case you missed this look on the blog: 
Hat Le Chateau  |  Top French Connection 

The beautiful buildings I captured in Melbourne, Australia.

More of my style. Enjoying my favourite season. Summer, of course!

I'm not a big 'flowers' kinda gal. But every once in a while, I can appreciate these beauties. 

My workplace. Couldn't love this more. 

Beautiful dresses worn by beautiful ladies. Bridesmaid dresses from a friends wedding a few weeks ago.

My lovely guy, who loves his garden more than anything. He grows everything: tomatoes, eggplant, chilies, every kind of herb you can think of, and more! 

These clouds caught my attention....while driving. 

 photo Untitledjpg_zpsf7bc9fc0.jpg

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