Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Fashion Lover's App

Hey Fashionista's! I know I haven't been very active on my blog for a while. (That is what a full-time job will do to you!) But I am back!

Here is a great app for those of you who love putting outfits together for fun. Polyvore is a fabulous app for anyone one who loves to shop and browse through clothing. As for me, I get all sorts of ideas in my head when I see an endless amount of clothes. Unfortunately I can't buy everything, but this app lets you pick out any kind of clothing you want, from tops to dresses, and accessories to shoes and create your own outfits! I am heavily addicted to it, and am on it 24/7! Check it out, and let me know what you guys think.

Here are have some of my own examples of outfits i've created:

Who doesn't love this mint colour we are seeing everywhere these days??

Classic black and white. Always a good choice!

We can't forget about my obsession with animal print! (Leopard in particular) 

Grunge black...when we don't feel like putting on a pair of heels!

Oh summer! It's almost over but we can dream of those sandy beaches.


A black sexy mini dress. Throw in a pair of Louboutin's, an Alexander McQueen clutch, and were golden! 

Hope you all enjoyed these! Feel free to share your Polyvore outfits with me as well!


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