Monday, August 31, 2015

My Black & White Moment.

Dress Liz Claiborne from Chosen Vintage  |  Shoes ASOS  |  Blazer H&M  |  Bow Ring  Similar  |  Bracelet Aldo Accessories  |  Bag Etsy

This Dress. 

Is everything. Again, another amazing transitional outfit, that goes from day to night in minutes. You guys know my obsession with that. I found this dress at one of my favourite vintage stores. I just love how perfect it is. I have dressed this up for events, and dressed this down for casual nights out. I have kinda worn this dress out this summer, actually. But, when you come across something so fabulous, you just go a little crazy and over do it sometimes. Am I right? 

Well, HAPPY MONDAY, you guys!! 

On another note, who watched the VMAS last night?! Let's talk about that. #Kanye. That is all. Okay, tweet me your fave moments of last night's show @marquiskim. 

Anddd, have a fabulous week! 

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Friday, August 28, 2015

My On-Going Love For Chapters.

{Be Happy Be Fabulous Make-Up Bag}

So, you know how everyone goes to Chapters to buy books? I'm one of those people who wander through the unnecessary aisles of the home stuff and get lost in all the 2016 planners. Don't get me wrong, I do love perusing through the books, especially the 20 pound ones on fashion icons. 

But, it's just something about the little trinkets they have! The beautiful colours of the scarves, the fancy notebooks, the kitchen items that are so unnecessary, but you just gutta have them! You know what I'm saying?? Tell me you guys feel the same way, and that I'm not the only one...

More of my Chapters obsessions here, here, & here

Here are a few things I'm currently loving:

What use would I have for this gorgeous feather tray? Oh! I could put my rings in it, except I already a pretty cute ring holder at home! Do I need yet another one cluttering my bedroom?


Yes. The answer is yes. 

{Throw pillows} My faves here & here

Throw pillows are ALWAYS necessary! They have a huge selection of adorable pillows and throws for cozy nights on the couch with....Netflix. 

{Dream Big Make-Up pouch}  |  {Floral Scarves}  |  {Woolen Hat}

Also, I would never think to get a pretty chic, woolen hat at Chapters! But how cute is the one above??

{Adorable mugs}   ^^ This one here.

Let's also talk about another problem. I have a huge collection of adorable mugs from Chapters! It's becoming sort of a hoarding problem....But loooook!! "The World is a Book & Those Who Do Not Travel, Read Only One Page." That is just SO me, so naturally, I had to get it. 

And below we have this way-too-cute teapot! Who wouldn't be talking about 'happy things' while drinking tea out of this?!

{Let's Have Tea Teapot}

{SO many notebooks!! I can't choose!}

Is anyone else already planning for 2016? ..........or again, is it just me? As an event planner by profession, I'm just drawn to planning the future. It's a thing. 

What are you guys loving at Chapters? Show me, tell me, so I can add to my collection! Haha.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sequins + Prints + Fringe.

Sequins Shirt French Connection  |  Printed Pants Zara  |  Fringe Bag Unknown Boutique (Similar here)  |  Shoes Aldo  |  Bow Ring Similar  |  Bracelet Aldo Accessories  |  Red Lip Revlon

Three of my absolute favourite fashion items are sequins, fringe and printed anything! Although, I'm sure I don't need to tell you guys this by now. Judging from all my outfit posts, you must know how obsessive I get when talking about any of the three!

Let's talk about how much I'm loving this outfit. I mean, it is the perrrfect transitional outfit from day to night. Again, busy woman...needs transitional outfits. I wore this exact same outfit at the office with a black blazer, black pumps and no red lip. When it was time to transition into the night for dinner, I threw on these fabulous red stilettos and my favourite Revlon red lip, and I was ready in a matter of minutes. Seriously, I can get ready quicker than most men...

Anyways, LOVE this outfit! 

What are you guys loving these days?? Share with me in the comments or on Twitter! 

Photography by Ravelle Arianne

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CND Vinylux Nail Polish.

Okay, I'm about to become a serious girl and talk about nail polish like it's the only thing that matters right now. 

CND VINYLUX Nail Polish. 

You know how life can be extremely busy, but somehow your nails just have to be done?! This is my life on the daily! It's always go, go, go for me, and seriously, NO one has the time to sit there wait for nail polish to dry for an hour! There are groceries bags waiting to be emptied, dishes in the sink, and emails that need responding to. I can't sit there like Barbie and stare out into the sunset for hours blowing on my nails. Although that sounds pretty great. 

CND Vinylux nail polish has kind of changed my life. With an amazing selection of colours, and a pretty cool Pro Light Technology, Vinylux polishes not only dry super quick, but also last more than a week without chipping! Yesss!! That means you don't have to repaint over those nails a few days later! Most nail polishes ware-off and start to chip after a few days, while Vinylux polishes actually become more durable with time. I cannot begin to tell you how much time I have saved using CND's Vinylux polishes. 

Here are some of my favourite colours:

CND Vinylux - Lost Labyrinth #191

♡ CND Vinylux - Reflicting Pool #192

♡ CND Vinylux - Beckoning Begonia #189

♡ CND Vinylux - Wisteria Haze #193

♡ CND Vinylux - Butterfly Queen #190

♡ CND Vinylux - Weekly Top Coat

Seriously, guys! This is worth trying! I'm also one of those freaks that always has my nails painted, so I have a huge selection of nail polishes and whenever I'm about to get some free time to do my nails, I always end up using CND's Vinylux! No joke. 

Are any of you as obsessed as I am? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks to CND for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Caftan Obsession Continued.

Blue Ring H&M  |  Flower Ring Aldo Accessories  |  Bangles India
I think at this point, we are ALL aware of my obsession with caftans. If you are unaware, click the links to my previous posts. I live in them in the summertime! There are so many caftans I don't actually post on the blog because I don't want to sound like a crazy caftan lady, but seriously, they are amazing! Everyone needs to get on board.
I absolutely adore this one! I mean, it just screams summer! Perfect for a day out on the beach, park, cottage...really, anywhere! Seeing that this caftan itself is super bright and printed, you don't need any accessories. However, I kind of over did it with the accessories, but again, that's just me. My girlfriend called me a fortune teller and told me that I am drawing unecessary attention to myself. I couldn't help but cry of laughter, because isn't that what fashion bloggers are all about?! Over-the-top, attention-seeking outfits and photoshoots in the middle of....anywhere? Lol. #LifeOfAFashionBlogger
Anyways, if you want to shop this look, unfortuantely you can't. This is a old caftan I actually bought last summer from a random street vendor. However, caftans are everywhere these days and really not hard to find. I've linked a few of my faves here: Ayaso Boutique, Silk and More, Asos.
Okay, tell me what you guys are living in over the summer? I know, summer is almost coming to an end here, but I will rock these caftans till my body can no longer handle the cold.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Jewelry Designer: Fabjeweles.

Designer Alina M. of Fabjeweles has a gorgeous Etsy store that everyone needs to head to right now! (See below for your discount code!!) I snagged these two gorgeous pieces from her store the other day, and I'm so in love with them. The two are very different, but as soon as I saw these, I knew they had my name ALL over them! 

Layered necklace on the left, is perfect for pretty much every outfit! I love the beautiful pastel colours, and the simplicity of them. Everyone knows how much I love to accessorize an outfit. Sometimes I even over do it with all the bling, but you know, that's just my style! More is my opinion. (But only with jewelry!) 

I can't get over how stunning this Vintage Necklace is! The details on this necklace are just breathtaking. Totally in love with the colours and the brassy metal. What a perfect combination. This is such a statement piece, and currently one of my favourite necklaces. I'm actually wearing this everywhere! It's not just for jazzing up an outfit. It can be worn as a casual statement piece as I'm wearing it here, just over this white blouse. 

This Trendy Layered Necklace is a beautiful coral and sky-blue set with a necklace, bracelet, and earrings that perfectly match. I love the colour combination and as mentioned above, the simplicity of it. I would wear this anywhere, but if I were dressing up an all white or all black outfit, this how I would accessorize it. Keeping it simple, but always, chic. 

Trendy Layered Necklace - $40 (15% off code below!)

Ok guys, so FABJEWELES is ah-mazzzing, and is offering my readers 15% off everything in their store!! Head over there right now, and get your hands on some gorgeous stuff! All these are handmade by the amazing Alina M, and are just stunning! Use the code: chic1, and enjoy your FAB JEWELS!!

Also, follow them on Instagram @fabjeweles, and tweet me your purchases!
Here is a little bit on designer, Alina M:
Alina was born and raised outside of the U.S. Her interest in jewelry design began at a young age in her family's jewelry business. As a child, she would always spend her free time at the business and would try to add special touches to the pieces that were made by her father. She continued going to school and working with her family, she received her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, where she learned the fundamentals of traditional jewelry making and began developing her own line of jewelry. She continues to make good quality and beautiful pieces that will complete any outfit.

Photography: Victoria Jmourko

Thank you to Fabjeweles for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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