Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summertime Bar Cart Essentials.

Warmer weather is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER...


It's so close, I can taste it! This means, cute backyard parties, (or balcony parties for me) frozen margaritas, lots of guac and chips, and really good Spotify playlists. Amiright?!

Summertime is my favourite time. People are just happier, outfits are much nicer, food even tastes better. LOL.

Do you guys have any major summer plans? I've got some seriously fun stuff coming up. My birthday is also in the summer. Not that birthdays excite me AT ALL. The thought of turning another year older is not something I ever look forward to. 

But, there's nothing you can do about that! I'll fill you guys in on my birthday plans in another post. 

For now, let's dive right into this post.

So, when I bought my condo almost a year ago, (!!) the first thing I bought was this gold bar cart. Like the FIRST THING EVER. Yes, I bought this before I bought my bed. A gold bar cart with really sexy wine glasses was needed. You know? 

There's something so chic about a gold bart cart with all the right things on it. 

And in this post, I'm going to share all the bar cart essentials with you guys. If you're going to throw a little summertime jam at your place, you're going to need it to be on brand. Since I'm not 19 anymore, drinking wine out of plastic, red cups isn't ideal. 

Here's what you'll need for your chic bar cart:

{ Gold Martini Shaker }

I mean, this is an obvious one. My go-to summer drink is a cosmo, (big surprise there!) so naturally, I'll need a really big martini shaker. Keeping with the gold theme, I figured why not a gold shaker, right? Here's a few I'm loving: 

{ Customized Coasters }

I'm obsessed with the customized coasted I got from Coastermatic. Guys, you can literally scroll through your Instagram, and chose what photos you want on your ceramic coasters. Chic, right? These also make for really cute gifts for your best friends, mom, sister, grandma, etc. 

{ Fun straws }

K so, fun straws are a must. Especially these gold striped ones. If you're going to have a gold bar cart, gold martini shaker, I don't see how you could not have gold striped straws? We're staying quite on brand here. You can get a pack of these on Amazon. I love a good detail, you guys. When I'm at a party, I will totally notice the smallest details...like these straws. Anyone else?

{ A Green Plant }

Or some kind of florals if that's what you're into. I love this faux green plant from Ikea. I have to admit, Ikea has got some great faux plants. It's a nice touch adding some greenery here and there. Makes things look and feel a bit more summery.

{ Martini Glasses }

They don't have to be martini glasses, but I'm obsessed with these ones. Who doesn't love gold rimmed martini glasses?! Again, so on brand. I also really love these ones. And please, for the love of God, don't put plastic, red cups on your bar cart. In fact, nothing plastic...

{ Garnishes }

Lemon, blueberries, fresh basil leaves, thyme, and mint. I even love me some cilantro! Garnishes are so key in making your drink come to life. I love fresh lemon slices or orange peels in mine. It's so refreshing and pretty. It's also very Instagramable...

With all this bar cart talk, I'm ready for someone to make me a cocktail. With LOTS of lemon and cilantro! Yum. 

Okay so, what am I missing on my bar cart? What do you guys have on yours? Share. Oh, I also had a gold pineapple, and COMPLETELY forgot to add that to my cart. :/ 

On another note, how was everyone's long weekend? I hope it was as relaxing as mine. I took in as much sunshine as we got (not much, of course) and lounged around, binge watching Grey's. 

I also ended up drinking too much wine on Saturday night and decided it would be a cool idea to paint on plates. Surprisingly, they turned out really cool! I'll show you guys another time. The moral of the story is...sometimes too much wine can spike your creativity. LOL.

Okay, I'm off. 

Have an awesome (short) week!! 

+ I'm off to Montreal on Friday. Come hangout on Insta-stories. @thechicconfidential. And if you guys have any cool Montreal recos, PLZ share. 

Xx, kim


Photography by Victoria Jmourko.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Instagram Live: 4 Beauty Products I'm Loving.

So over the weekend, Daniel Pillai (@daniel.pillai) and I got together again for our SECOND Instagram-Live, and yet again, what a success! (Here's the first one).

We honestly love doing this. We go on and on chatting about beauty anyway, so why not share our favourite products with you guys, right?

Plus, Instagram-Live is such a cool platform to connect with you guys on a personal level. It’s kind of like we’re hanging out? Like we can chat in real time, which is SO cool!

So, we chatted about a few more of our favourite, to-die-for beauty products in this last session. You guys really seemed to dig it last time, so we thought we’d share some more.

Disclaimer: NONE of this is sponsored, btw. Neither of us would ever share a product on our blogs if we didn’t truly LOVE it.

Let’s get right into the ones I’m currently loving.

Oh, the funny thing about this Insta-live was that it was accidentally themed. We both brought our products to the table, and realized that most of them were either oils we loved or had natural ingredients in them.

Guys! This product is amazing. You already know how much I love and LIVE BY oils every day of my life. When I came across this dry body oil, I was instantly intrigued. It comes in a cute little spray bottle too. MoroccanOil makes some KILLER products. We all know that. And everything smells amazing. The product is infused with antioxidants, argan oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. It absorbs into the skin smoothly, while drying instantly. I love that you’re not left with super oily hands after. It’s also paraben-free which is great! I like to put this on as soon as I get out of the shower when my skin is still damp.

Again, continuing with the whole oil theme, Rosehip is one I just added to my long list of oil collection. LOL. This one is great to use on your face as a moisturizer. I would say it’s thicker than avocado oil and thinner than coconut oil. It’s AMAZING for anti-aging. Like, so so good. When it comes to anti-aging, I’m all about prevention. If I take care of my skin now, I won’t need botox…LOL. Make sense? Make sure when you buy any oils, it’s cold-pressed and organic. I use this at nighttime before going to bed.

Anyone with curly hair can seriously relate when I say that styling curly hair can be a real pain in the ass. I have super, SUPER curly hair, and unless I’m strutting down a runway at a hair event, I need to tame that mane. The only way to do that is with good products. I just did a post on a new shampoo/conditioner by LaCoupe that is working SO WELL with my curly hair. And with this frizz control cream, my hair is feeling so healthy and silky. The product has a blend of Moringa oil, Babassu oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin B%, and Biotin. With all these natural ingredients, there no wonder I’m obsessed with it!

Okay, so yes, I don’t wash my hair. Old news to some of you. But for those that don’t know this, I only wash my hair once a week. (Sometimes I’ll even go 8 days). Hear me out before you judge. It’s not good to be washing your hair all the time. It dries up your scalp, which in turn makes those flakes in your scalp, which is not a good look for anyone. You want an oily scalp. Not super oily, but healthy, natural oils. When you wash your hair every day or every other day, you’ll notice that your hair gets oily quicker. I can go 4-5 days without my hair even looking oily. I use the body powder in my scalp on the 6th and 7th day to absorb some of the oils. And no, you don’t see the power in my head. It ALL gets absorbed right up. This is a natural brand that I’ve recently started using and it’s been working great! For anyone that wants to start training their hair to last a bit longer without washing it so often, I highly recommend getting a bottle of this body powder.


There you have it guys. Four of my FAVOURITE beauty products that I’m loving right now.

Okay so, who joined us on Insta-live? Was it fun? Tell me what else you guys want to see? We’re doing this once a month, and we’d love to get your input. So, let me know! 

Also, for a round up of Daniel's favourites, check out his blog post.

Okay, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my evening with a book and some peppermint tea.

Hope you guys CRUSHED your Monday!

Xx, kim

+ Make sure you're following Daniel and I on Instagram for future Insta-Lives! @daniel.pillai & @thechicconfidential

Photography by Victoria Jmourko

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Switching Up The Hair Game with LaCoupe.

When it comes to my hair….I’m EXTREMELY particular.

Like, from my hairstylists to the products I use. I may be bias, but I seriously do have the best hairstylist team IN. THE. WORLD. No seriously, if you need a change, you need to go see Jessi & Joanna at Onaré Salon. They are bawse babes and really know what they’re doing.

Point is, I don’t mess with my hair. The people who cut/colour it are LEGIT. And the products I use, are AMAZING.

Dealing with curly hair is a whole other beast. You people with straight hair have it EASY-PEASY! I think? Curly hair takes a shit ton of time and effort to make it look like you haven’t just woken up from a nap and showed up to work….

You know? (Check out how I style my hair, here.)

There are lots of products involved. Lots of hot tools, hairsprays, curl creams, frizz-control serums, etc.

All these can be super damaging to your hair. Especially those hot tools.

Which is why, when it comes to caring for my curls, I’m so particular. I don’t just use any kind of shampoo/conditioner. It has to make sense, you know?

Because I colour my hair, the shampoo/conditioner I use, has to be colour-protected, it also needs to be good for curly hair, volume, and most IMPORTANTLY, natural! You guys know how much I love anything and everything that’s natural.

The less ingredients, the better!

So when I heard about LaCoupe’s ORGNX Babassu collection, I HAD to try it out for myself.

Let me tell you about the collection:

The shampoo/conditioner duo are SUPER hydrating, full of natural ingredients like babassu & moringa oil, shea better, vitamin B5, and biotin for extra moisture and protection. It’s also got antioxidants B5 and B7 for healthy, shiny and fuller-looking hair.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, it’s also sulfate free, paraben free, and of course, colour safe.

Because I get a lot of products sent to me, I try out A LOT of different things. I’ve mentioned this to you guys before… it’s always good to switch up your products. This goes for your face, your body, and your hair. You don’t want to get used to using just ONE kind of brand. Switching it up is important.

So, I started using this collection about a month ago, and I can already tell the difference after a few washes.

FULL DISCLOSURE here, I only wash my hair once a week. (Sometimes I’ll even leave it for like 8/9 days). Anything more than that, is damaging to my hair. It dries it out, and honestly, it’s not very healthy to wash your hair too often. So when it gets towards the end of the week, I just put it up in a bun and let the oils do its thing. LOL. #DirtyHairDontCare.

I also recently cut my hair. Like, CHOPPED IT. Huge change for me, as I’ve had long hair pretty much my entire life. And now….it’s short.

To be very honest, I needed a change in scenery AND………….

….my ends were f*cked. They were SO dry and brittle from all the hot tools that no amount of coconut oil hair masks could save it. So, I decided to cut it all off and start fresh. New ends, new shampoo/conditioner collection, NEW ME. Lol…

Except styling short hair is a bitch and I’m still working on perfecting it.

So, since cutting my hair short, and switching over to this new line of shampoo/conditioner, I feel like my hair has restored itself a bit. It’s looking super healthy, it feels soft and flowy, and because the products are natural, I just know it’s doing great things for my hair.

Trust me, if you're ready to throw in the towel and chop off all your hair because it's dry and brittle, try the new LaCoupe ORGNX line! You will LOVE.

It also smells like a Caribbean vacation in my shower. There's just something about the smells of coconut that makes you want to go on vacation...no?

Okay, your turn. Tell me there's someone else out there washing their hair once a week?! I CAN'T be the only one...

Also, share some of your hair tips when it comes to dry/brittle hair. What are you guys using?

For more tips and awesome products, follow along on insta-stories @thechicconfidential.

I'm off. Tonight's dinner was a bowl of broccoli and spinach. No time for anything special. :/

Xx, kim

Ps. Don't forget to enter the HUGE-ASS giveaway on Insta!! It's a goodie! 

This post was in collaboration with LaCoupe. As always, opinions are my own.

Photography by Victoria Jmourko

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Sunday, May 7, 2017


I know, I know, I'm a day late and a dollar short....

BUT, what's new?

If you we're following me on Snapchat, you would've seen that I did a little sneak peek of this giveaway last month, and because life gets in the way and shit gets busy, I pushed it to this month. 

( maybe I should read my own post on time management...again )

Anyway, I have been meaning to do this for a while, and I'm FINALLY getting around to it. 


It's important for me to THANK YOU guys for being just so amazing, supportive, and loyal readers to The Chic Confidential. 

I see and notice everything. Every comment, every like, every retweet, every private message, ALL OF IT. It does not go unnoticed! I promise you that. 

It's because of you guys, your support and love for The Chic Confidential, that I keep doing what I'm doing. And I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you that contribute in some way or another to TCC. This blog would be nothing without you. 

Sooooo, to say thank you, I've put together a pretty sweet giveaway, and I think you guys are going to love ittt. I'm putting this giant list below together, but just remember there are TWO giveaways. So, I'll be splitting this list up evenly.

This one's for the beauty lovers. It's got everything from lipsticks, to nail polishes, to concealers, and anti-aging stuff! Oh, and I'm even throwing in a bathing suit. 

Okay, let's get into what's in this giveaway:


And here's what you have to do to enter:

♡ Follow The Chic Confidential on Instagram. @thechicconfidential.

♡ Tag a friend on Insta who might LOVE this giveaway.

♡ Comment on my Instagram giveaway picture and tell me what topics you love the most and want to see more of on the blog.

BONUS: Tell me why YOU should win this giveaway and what you want from the list!

That's it. It's not a complicated giveaway, guys. In fact, it's very simple to enter! And ALL OF YOU should enter, because the products are amazing!


And honestly, I can't say it enough that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you guys! 

Xx, kim

+ this giveaway is for Canadian residents only.

+ NONE of this is sponsored.

+ giveaway closes Monday, May 15th.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Tips On Effective Time Management.

Okay, so the other day my sister and I were having a night in. You know, some Greek pizza, a little wine, discussing the MET Gala's best and worst dressed.

But mainly catching up on life

We get very little time to just chill out and really catch up. Usually we're just texting or even worse, Snapchatting. I mean, if I really want to know what my sister is up to in life, I just need to open up Snapchat. Welcome to the modern day real life. Amiright?!

Anyway, so we're having this night in, catching up, I'm giving her the scoop into everything going on in my life. You know, the endless list of everything I take on (work, events, blogging, shoots, volunteering, having a social life, etc), and she turns to me, and literally yells in my face saying, "HOW THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TIME FOR ALL THIS?!"

After a few minutes of pondering how the actual hell I do do all this, she tells me I need to write a blog post on time management. Such a smartie she is. 

I'm definitely not going to go on and on about how busy I think my life is or anything, because we all lead pretty hectic lives. Regardless, I have been pretty good with time management all my life, and I thought I'd share some of the things that work for me.

Let's get right into it....


I love a good routine. I have been living my life in a very strict routine. I know what most of you are thinking... 

...That my life is boring and I need to live a little. Trust me when I say, I live A LOT. And I do that because I have a routine. If I didn't, shit would be everywhere, my days would fall apart, and nothing would get done. I'm able to make time for people in my life, do my job(s), come home and actually cook meals, and sleep at a decent time, ALL BECAUSE I have a routine. 

I get it, not everything and not everyday should be a routine. You should be spontaneous, right? Ummm, how about let's be spontaneous like a couple times a month maybe? (See, I'm even scheduling in some spontaneous days!)

Point is, I get that life should be spontaneous sometimes. And I'm all for that. But when you can, do the routined thing. You will accomplish a SHIT TON more.

I aim to sleep at the same time every night. I wake up at the same time every morning. (Except on weekends. Everyone just leave me alone on weekends. I like my 11am sleep-ins). When you start to form a routine, you'll make time for everything that matters to you. 


I've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again. WRITE IT DOWN. You want to accomplish something? You want to visit that aunt you've been meaning to? You need to change your tires? Get that oil change? Write it down. Like actually get a fucking pen and paper. Not your phone....

When you have a list that's sitting in front of you all day, you WILL get shit done. I mean, how could you not? It's staring you right in the face. And if you're like me, you make it all pretty and colour-coded. 


So, it's not enough to just make lists. You have to make them, and then prioritize them. Because you could have 45867 things on your list, and not know where the fuck to begin.

Make your list, and then prioritize it. Actually go in and number everything that's on that list. 1 being the most important. 70% of accomplishing something is in the planning itself. 

For example, a blog post. I plan out the photos, edit them, make notes on what the post is about, THEN finally get to writing it. Majority of writing a blog post is planning it. Actually writing it, is the easy part.


As an event planner, I'm constantly working on multiple events. Never just one. This is something that has worked very well for me in staying on top of all the events I plan. Time Blocking. 

This means, allotting yourself a certain amount of time for each project. So, you give yourself a cut off time, and you MUST abide by it. Let's use blogging again as an example. I usually give myself 30 minutes to check and respond to emails. After those 30 mins are done, I HAVE to stop and move on to whatever else is on my list. If its editing some photos, I will give myself 45 minutes, and nothing more. Once that's up, I move on. 

Get it? If you do too many things at once, you'll never fully accomplish anything. With time blocking, you're focused on one thing and one thing only. And once the time is up, you move on. 


Whether it is your phone calendar or your chic Kate Spade planner, BEFRIEND IT. It will save you. I have both...obviously. 

I like my phone because reminders are everything! No one can remember everything, and why would you want to when you have your trusty device to remind you, anyway? The less you need to remember, the better. I literally have reminders in my phone for everything. From doctors appointments, to nail appointments, to even the smallest things like, taking my vitamins. It's all there. 

You don't want to see my phone calendar...

I also have a calendar that I keep in my purse and take everywhere with me. I'm slightly old school that way and love writing things down. Judge me all you want. I love it.


Okay, so those are tips that work for me. What works for you guys? PLEASE SHARE because I think we can all learn something from time management. I mean, there are days where I'm behind, weeks where I just DON'T have my shit together, you know? We all have those days/weeks/even months! 

And on another completely different note, can we talk about this white dress for a second? I mean, can it be summer already?! I'm dying to ditch my parka, (yes I said parka) for something lighter. If you know me, it's either winter or summer. Nothing in between. I'm either freezing (at 15 degrees) or I'm loving life (at 30 degrees). 

This week hasn't been the best in terms of weather. Like, where the fuck is the sun?? Anyway, I think we had like ONE warm day, where I was able to shoot this dress, and it was perfect. I'm dying to wear it again, so I'm praying for good weather sooooon. 

It's such a classic white dress. I also love when dresses have a little sleeve. It's just super cute and chic. This was also shot while I still had my long hair...which after looking at these photos, I terribly miss. Buttt, I am loving my short bob. I'm really learning how to style it well. It's fun.

Okay, I'm off.

Chat soon--

Xx, kim


This post was in collaboration with Shein.com. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Best (& Easiest) Salmon Dinner, Ever.

It's been a while since I've shared a recipe with you guys. 

I have been LOVING fish lately and making a lot of it, so I thought I'd share the easiest, yet yummiest salmon recipe with you. My mouth is salivating just looking at these salmon photos!

I usually try and fit fish into my dinners twice a week. Fish has ALL SORTS of amazing benefits, obviously. 

Here are a few:

- It's loaded with good nutrients such as protein and Vitamin D.

- It's a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your brain.

- Boosts immune system and gives you energy.

- Helps reduce blood pressure and heart diseases. 

- Helps with blood circulation and metabolism.

- Prevents inflammatory diseases.


I can go on, but I'm pretty sure you guys already know how important fish is for your health. 

Soooo, I'll just get right to the recipe...

BTW, salmon isn't the only fish I eat. I'm a lover of most fish and a DIE HARD fish tacos fan. As in, I will never say no to fish tacos. 

I just found that a lot of people can struggle with fish mainly because they think it involves a lot of time and detail. Well, let me tell you, it doesn't. This recipe involves 15 minute prep time and another 15 for cook time. For a healthy dinner, I'd say 30 minutes is not bad. No?

I like to buy my fish fresh. None of this frozen crap. Leave the frozen fish where it's at, and go get yourself a fresh piece of salmon. Trust me, it tastes better and there's no fake bullshit in there. Fresh is ALWAYS better. And while you're there, pick up some of your favourite veggies too. I love asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers. And don't forget lemon. Lemon is key. 

So, you've got your fresh fish and veggies. Now what?

It's time to marinate your fish. 

In no particular order:

- Garlic butter
- Salt
- Pepper
- SO MUCH fresh garlic
- White wine ( don't forget to pour yourself a glass )
- Dried oregano & parsley or Italian seasoning
- Freshly squeezed lemon juice

THAT'S IT. Let it sit for like 5-10ish minutes in that marinade and cut up your veggies. 

I like to do a little stir fry with EVOO ( extra virgin olive oil ) garlic, salt, pepper and my veggies. If I'm feeling sassy, I'll throw in some soy sauce. But for the most part, I like to keep things simple. 

Okay, time to put your salmon in the oven. Depending on how thick your piece is, timing will vary. I usually have it in there for no more than 15 minutes. You definitely don't want to overcook it. 

Remove from the oven, squeeze some more lemon over it, and add the veggies to your plate....

....errrr, and don't you dare forget to Snapchat the shit out of it before you eat. OBVS. ;)

K, so that's it, you guys. How easy was that? Even if you think you're a terrible cook, try this out. It's a no-brainer, and trust me, you will impress anyone with this meal. 

Check out a few other recipes here, here, and here

Okay, how was everyone's weekend/ Monday?

I did nothing but veg out on the couch today. (YASSS to days off!) I mean I accomplished a lot from my couch, but Grey's Anatomy was definitely playing in the background. 

I had a pretty hectic weekend, and a veryyy long Sunday. I thought that taking on yet another event project, along with my full-time events job, plus the blog, plus everything else that's going on in my life, would be a GREAT IDEA. 

In all honesty, it was. I usually don't like to stop. I'm go-go-go most of the time. Continuously taking on new projects, thinking of new ventures, etc. Hence why I'm trying very hard to wind-down at nights. << Read the post. 

The event on Sunday was a huge success and the reason why I decided that a day off on Monday was much needed. It was a good break for the body and the mind!

Okay, do you guys have any amazing salmon recipes you want to share with me? Share, because I love trying out new ways to make fish.

Hope you guys have super productive week! 

Xx, kim

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Life Lately: Learning To Wind Down.

Heyyy guys!

Has it EVER been a busy few weeks. Exciting new stuff coming up, though. 

I've been working on a TON of great content for you guys, anddddd...


The Chic Confidential is getting a face-lift! 

I'm really excited to be working closely with someone to upgrade the website. I've had this look for sometime now, and although I love it, I feel it needs some slight changes. Nothing drastic. Still CHIC AF. I don't have a date yet, but it's hopefully coming soon. I won't release anything until I'm 100% happy with it. 

But I am VERY excited to be changing things up. So, stay tuned for that!

I've been trying very hard to wind down at least an hour before bed, everyday. It's extremely difficult when you work a full-time job, and then have to come home to blog/shoot/edit, cook, clean, have somewhat of a social life, and make time to go through all your 98478636 social media accounts. Where my part-time bloggers at???? HOLA.

However, winding down is something that is important in life and important for your well-being.

I realized if I don't give myself time to wind down, I'm usually not productive.

A huge part of my blogging life is actually thinking. Thinking about my next project, thinking about my blog content, etc. So, when I shut off my screens (computer, phone) then I feel like I can properly think. Reflecting is HUGE for me. It's a big part of my life.

When I get home from work, I make it a point to sit down on my comfy couch with a glass of water (lemon infused) and just clear my mind of the day. It's kind of like meditation, but not really. I give myself about 30 minutes to just sit and think about how the day went. What did I accomplish? How did I accomplish it? How can I do better? Were there any negative vibes? Positive vibes?

Sitting and thinking actually helps me come up with my blog content. My mind is always working and I usually have to work hard to shut it off. Which is why, an hour before bed, I make it a point to clear my head, watch a show, read a book, etc.

You need to be able to wind down, and clear your mind to keep it healthy.

Something that helps me wind down is actually my Saje diffuser. I've mentioned this before in previous posts, but I cannot tell you how much it makes a difference. When you surround yourself in a relaxing atmosphere, you naturally become more relaxed.

If you have your computer on and your emails refreshing every second, you're never going to shut off. If you have your phone beside you blinking with notifications, you're going to want to check it. That's how I am, anyways. I need my atmosphere to feel relaxing.

I like to add a few drops of 'Spa Spirit' or 'Tranquility' essential oil to my marble diffuser, dim the lights, light a couple candles, pour myself a warm cup of peppermint tea (or wine, not going to lie!) and sink into my couch with my coziest blanket. At this point, I probably have on a facial mask or my gold collagen eye patches.

This is the ONLY way I can wind down.

If you guys aren't doing this before you sleep, try it out! It's the bestttt way to fall asleep. This way, there's nothing stressing me out before bed. I've cleared my mind for a goodnight's sleep.

Thoughts? Who else does this?

Also, to be completely honest and REAL, this doesn't happen daily. I totally wish it would, and I'm working super hard to make this happen every night. But some nights, life gets in the way. I have family to see, dinners with my friends, blogs to publish, etc.

BUT, I'm working on it, and I think that's what counts. Right?

Something else that really helps me de-stress and gets me in a fantastic mood is, cooking.

Let me tell you...I used to be a horrible cook. Like, HORRIBLE.

Over the last few years, I've become somewhat of a decent cook, and it's something I'm pretty proud of. I love to unwind with a new recipe, some Ed Sheeran playing in the background, and just cooking up a storm. Nothing better than a home-cooked meal, right?

Post cooking, with 49276 dirty dishes in the sink is NOT my favourite part....

Also, if you guys have some recipes you want to send my way, please do! I'm always looking for something new to cook.

Okay, time to take some of my own advice and unwind. Tonight is going to be an episode (or two) of Grey's. Does anyone else sob through this show?! Or is it just me?

Chat soon.

Xx, kim

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Amazon Faves.

Is anyone else like totally addicted to Amazon?

I mean, don't you HATE IT (but secretly love it) when they recommend you more shit based on what you buy? Ugh. F you for being so damn awesome, Amazon!

Online shopping is another topic on its own, but MAN, is it ever addicting. Don't get me wrong, actual shopping is my cardio. But, there is something so therapeutic about online shopping. I mean, I can literally sit on my couch, wine glass in hand, and buy everything. Like everything. From clothing, to furniture, to even, groceries. I haven't bought groceries online yet, but I'm kind of tempted. Who does this? Weigh in. 

Online shopping is the epitome of laziness. But it's also kind of smart. I mean, I'm a multi-tasker. So, if I can cook, watch a show, and online shop, I mean, it's pretty ideal. 

So, I want to share some of my recent purchases with you guys. You know, just things I'm loving, things that are working for me.

If you caught our Instagram Live session not too long ago, then you already know how obsessed I am with these. They are kind of like a natural face lift. LOL. And who doesn't want a natural face lift, right? I like to keep these in the fridge and put them on my eyes before bed or first thing in the morning. I don't usually have too much time in the mornings, so nighttime is best for me. Leave them on for 20 mins. and you will instantly see a difference. I have dark circles that I absolutely hate, so these are kind of perfect.

If you haven't gotten on board with Mark Manson's book, 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck,' then you need to. I'm not going to go on and on about this, because I feel like I've talked a lot about this already. Check out my recent posts on this here and here. He is a literal genius. I'm not one for self-help books at all, but this one was recommended by so many successful, happy people, so I said, why not? It's honestly inspired me in more ways than ever. It's very straight up, no cookie cutter bullshit, just real, REAL shit. Which is what I love. (I swear this is NOT sponsored).

Okay, I feel like I need to do a full post on this, but O M G, you guys need to get this. Also, very addictive! Basically it's a thin mat that has prickly needles all over it. You lie down on the mat and get comfy for a bit. At first, it hurts, but then that pain starts to feel good. I swear it's not like a weird fetish thing. LOL. It actually is amazing for you. It helps with pain relief, relaxation, stress, energy and blood circulation. Honestly, so amazing.

Oils are my jam! It's what keeps your skin looking youthful. But, you guys already know that. Avocado Oil is one that I'm recently loving. I like to switch up my beauty products from time to time. I'm always trying new things, so that I can report back to you guys. And lately, avocado oil has been my go-to. It's the perfect make up remover. I also LOVE dewy skin, so it's perfect as a moisturizer too. I also mix this with my CC cream for extra dew, sometimes. You really can't go wrong with oils though. SO GOOD.

*You can check out my full make-up look here with all the products I use.

If you're anything like me, your dresser needs to be as organized as ever. This means EVERYTHING needs a home. Like every make-up brush needs a slot, and every eyeshadow palette needs a drawer. Amiright?! I can't stand when everything is all over the place. Don't get me wrong, sometimes my dresser looks like it's been hit by a hurricane. That's only because I'm constantly trying out new things. But for the most part, I like it clean and visible. Which is why I love these clear organizers. You can easily see what's in each drawer. You can organize each drawer by category (if you're anal like me). Like, one drawer for just eyeshadows, liners, mascaras, another for blushes, conture kits, foundations, and then another for lipsticks and glosses. This way it's all kept neat and organized.


Okay, that's it for now! What am I missing? 

Who else is breaking the bank on Amazon? Share, I can't be the only one!

On another note, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was somewhat low key. I just started something very exciting over the weekend. I joined the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization a few months ago, and this weekend I became a Big Sister to a gorgeous young lady. We had our first meeting this weekend at a cooking class, and she's super cute. Very excited to be doing something like this, so wish me luck!

What were you guys up to? 

Okay, time to sip on some tea and continue reading Mark Manson's book. 

Chat soon!

Xx, kim

Ps. I got a major haircut & colour last week. Here's a pic! Thanks to my AH-MAZING gals, Jessi & Joanna from Onaré Salon. They are BOSS BABES.

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