Sunday, June 26, 2016

Life Lately.

Haaaaaapy Monday, you guys!!

Yes, that view is amazing, is it not?! And is mine forever. Well, no, not forever. Lol. 

And to be clear, it's not the view from my condo, but the view from the penthouse lounge in my building, and I get to go up there whenever I want. 

Okay, so we all know my obsession with sunsets right? I mean, if you're following on Snapchat, Instagram or anything at all, you already know this about me. 

I LIVE for sunsets. 

And most people just don't really get it. I mean, we DO get a sunset every. single. day. However, no matter how many times I get to see it, it always seems to blow me away. Especially sunsets here in Toronto. And no, I'm yet to go to Greece to catch one of theirs. But I hear it's all the rage. 

Anyway, this past week/ weekend has been an absolute crazy one. But, good crazy. 

I finally moved all my big things into the new place! I really have the best family and friends ever, BTW. They made moving, so much fun. So, big shout outs to them!!

The place is really coming together well. 

The throw pillows on my couch. Wicker Emporium & IKEA.

I am really taking my time though. Most people would have moved in and started living in their place by now. I'm just taking it one day at a time, really. 

I'm one of those really anal people, where I kinda need to have EVERYTHING, right down to my box of nail polishes, when I live somewhere. Haha. Anal right? I just need everything. I never want to be in the situation where I need to open a can of beans, and NOT have a can opener, you know? So, my lists are LONG. I mean, I've got lists upon lists, UPON LISTS. It's never ending. And everyday, I accomplish a little. 

Bronte Beach in Oakville. Similar romper linked here.

This weekend was SO beautiful, weather wise, that I had to just stop with all the moving and just take a breather. I also live for beach weather....but you guys already know that. 

Ok, speaking of beaches, does anyone know any reeeeallly good ones? Leave me your faves in the comments, because I'm dying to try some new ones this summer. As for what I like? QUIET. Please don't send me to a busy beach where teenagers are getting high and blasting terrible music. 

I mean, if that's your thing, hey, I'm not judging. It's just not for me. So, something more along the lines of quiet, retirement-type atmosphere. You know, like for old people? Haha

Homemade guac and chips from the Birthday weekend @ Playa Cabana. This was delish!

Enjoying mojitos AND sangrias with my ladies. #BirthdayLaughs

Also, another home update!!

I found a gold bar cart that I was looking for. Again, you've seen it if you're following on Snap. It's kind of perfect. I found it online at Pier One Imports. It just adds to the whole place, making it super chic and cozy. And I mean, I need a bar...

More home updates to come, I promise!

Okay, I'm off. 

PS. I won't be doing much posting this week, because I'll be swimming in event work. It's Canada Day this weekend, which is our BIGGEST city festival, and I'll be extremely tied up with the planning and prepping of the event. It's actually one of my favourtie events, ever. I promise I will post more once the weekend is over. 

PPS. You're always welcome to follow along on Snapchat, because let's face it, Snapchat is a SHIT TON OF MORE FUN! UN: kim-marquis

Okay, ciao!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Dresses You'll NEED.

Summer has OFFICIALLY arrived, and mannnn has it been a sweaty one! NOT that I'm complaining in any way...

I always hope for good weather on my birthday, and by good, I mean HOT HOT HOT. This year, I couldn't be happier, as it was 30 degrees, which actually felt like 35. And this for me, is what I call the perfect temp. Anyone else like it sweaty hot??

Anyway, today I'm bringing you guys my top four dresses that I'm totally digging for summer. Funny enough, they are all from ASOS. Who doesn't love online shopping? Amirighttt?!

Get your credit cards ready, because these dresses are ALL UNDER $50.00!!

The Mini Floral is such a cute little feminine dress. All the weddings I'm going to lately have an outdoor component to it, and a dress like this one, when dressed up with the right accessories, can be totally worn to a wedding! It's super cute and flirty as well. I know I mentioned a few posts ago that I'm kind of over "florals for summer," but I couldn't resist it on a dress like this one. 

The Off-Shoulder, is another MAJE favourtie right now. I know I've mentioned this already in previous posts. How cute and flirty right? I'm all about flowy, relaxed, comfy dressed. Not digging anything too body conscious this summer. Tight dresses are great, but not when it's sweltering hot out. This one is just so great for a beachy evening with the girlfriends. Add a cute pair of flats and you're golden. It's also great for music festivals that are coming up!

The Low V is obviously super sexy. This one is for date night with your guy. I love the light pink colour as well, because again, very feminine and perfect for summer. You can even do a kitten heel and a bold lip to really spice things up. It's a super simple dress, so if you want to jazz it up a bit, add your statement pieces. An over-sized clutch, a strappy sandal, or some funky earrings will do the trick. 

The Boho Maxi is probably my favourite one! Boho maxis need NO work. The dress kind of speaks for itself. Do you know what I mean? I love ones with tons of prints on them. It just adds to the wildness of the dress. They are the most comfortable dresses on earth, I swear. It's kinda hard to get away with one of these for a wedding, unless it's a super casual wedding, then go for it. Otherwise, I wear these anywhere else! Summer events are always popping up, and these dresses allow you to 1. get away with wearing flats, because they are usually so damn long, and 2. eat as much as you want because they are super over-sized and have a ton of prints on them. #winning in every way possible.

K, so are you dying right now??

I know I was, when I came across all these. UNDER $50 GUYS. Leave me links on dresses you guys are loving for the summatime! I want to check them out and add to the summer wardrobe collection. 

Ok, I'm switching over to home shopping now. Ps. I finally bought a gold bar cart. Details on the blog soooon!

Xx, kim

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Birthday Realness.

Firstly, MAJOR apologies for not posting as much this past week. I have been literally buried in home stuff! As you guys know, I officially became a homeowner on June 15th!!!! So, that was major. And since then, I have had to move my life slowly into the condo, which has been busy AF. Getting through it, but crazy hectic.


I celebrated my birthday yesterday, and felt it was necessary to share some food for thought with you.

Usually in the weeks leading up to my birthday, I'm always reflecting on the past year. What was good, what was not-so-good, and what was GREAT. 

Overall, WHAT A YEAR! I mean, when people say 'time flies' they mean, TIME FUCKING FLIES. You know? Anyone else feel like that?

Anyways, as I reflected on 'life' these past few weeks, I literally started jotting down my thoughts (on paper). Surprise, surprise...

So, here they are:

You Win Some, You Lose Some.

I know this seems almost like a negative quote, but, it's not meant to be. As I get older, I realize more and more to let go of the things you CAN'T control. Focus on the shit you CAN control, and make that work. You don't have to win everything. And I'm about to drop the most basic quote of LIFE on you guys, but it's one that I live by the most. 'Everything happens for a reason'. Basic right? But, this literally cannot be more true. Don't waste your time and energy on shit that isn't working. Time is money, so let's not waste it...

Experiences Are A Thousand Times Better Than Gifts.

That's right. No gifts please. Unless you're gifting me my mortgage in a box with a pretty bow on it, I'll pass. It's not about material things anymore. I used to LOVE getting shoes, bags, bracelets, etc., but let's face it. I have almost ALWAYS wanted to return half these things because they 'weren't my style'. Nowadays, dinner, drinks, or even an activity with my closest friends are more than perfect. Maybe also a bottle of rosé champs. But really, if I've learned anything over the last few years, it's that life is TOO short! So, less gifts, more experiences. 

On that note, all I wanted for my birthday this year, was really, really good fish tacos. We ended up at Playa Cabana, an amazing spot in Toronto, and the fish tacos were HEAVEN. The atmosphere was also perfect, and the whole place was very chic. (Everything on Snapchat. UN: kim-marquis) So much love and laughter and more memories created with the people I love. 

And this actually transitions well to my next point...

Keep The Circle Small. 

This is an important one. Again, the older I get, the less I want to see people I don't really care for. Sounds mean? I don't care. lol. You know when you're young and just want to befriend everyone? Yea, it's just the opposite when you get older. You kinda just want to unfriend most of them. And as you should. 

My circle of friends, is small. VERY small. Like, so small that sometimes if they happen to be busy with something on a Friday night, my Friday night will consist of Netflix and wine at home, alone. And I'm okay with that. Because I'd rather spend my time alone, than with people who I don't even really want to see... you know? Am I sounding like a total bitch here? LOL

At this stage in life, you want the 'realest' friends. Friends who tell it like it is. NO sugar coating anything. No BSing. 

Don't get me wrong, I do have loads of amazing, talented, crazy, wild, silly friends that I do make time for.  

And on that note, this brings me to my final point.

People Come And People Go.

YES! Do NOT cry/worry/stress over anyone that decides to walk out of your life. Life is ALL about those who come and go. And again, everything happens for a reason, so, just let it go. Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, pets, (lol) etc. It's natural to feel bad or sad when things like this happen, however, that's life. So, let it happen. 

You all know what I'm talking about though, and I'm sure everyone has experienced this at least once in their life. And if not, well then, you will. ;)

Balance Is Key.

I lied, I have one more point that just came to me. 

Diets suck, so just stop that. Live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and you'll never have to diet ever again. Seriously. You want a piece of cake? Eat it. Walk it off later that evening. You want pasta for lunch? DO IT. Salad for dinner and take the stairs. 

You don't have to live at the gym or starve yourself to be healthy! Please God, don't starve yourself!! Food is life. Enjoyyyy it. 


I may be sounding a bit harsh in this post, but again, I'm not about sugar coating anything, and I avoid bullshit at all costs. This is also what I love about blogging, btw. 

Anywaysss, I love, LOVE hearing from you guys. And since this is a spicy post, please share your thoughts. Do you agree/disagree on any of these point? Do you have more to add to the list? Do you feel like calling me total bitch? Haha. Share, share, share. 

Okay, I'm off to stuff my face with more birthday cake. Mmmm.

Ps. Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat! You guys are really the best!! 

Xx, kim

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Life Lately + Snapchat Recaps.

Hi Hi. 

If you guys have been following on Snapchat, then you know that my life has literally been shopping for the condo. It's ALL I do these days. 

I feel like I need a serious spa day after the big move. Which, BTW is in two days. 


I haven't bought a pair of shoes in over 2 months. And that is actually SHOCKING for me...

Nonetheless, I'm not complaining. Home shopping is so much fun. I love picking out art, mirrors, and even the littlest things like cute can openers, martini shakers, etc. 

The one thing I didn't have much fun with, was picking out a mattress for my bed. And if you were following on Snapchat, then you already know the struggle was REAL. It has to be the most boring part of home shopping. Anyone else struggle with this? Or do you guys genuinely like shopping for mattresses? I get bored reeeaaal quick. 

My most recent purchase was like 30 minutes ago at Crate & Barrel and Indigo. I picked up these beautiful fashion photos at Indigo. I mean, every fashion gal needs a little Marilyn, Audrey, and Liz in their homes...AMIRIGHT?! 

I also picked up wine glasses at Crate & Barrel. Because, wine glasses are needed before flatware. Who needs to eat right? But, there MUST be wine. ;)

Also, last week I finally bought paint!

This was the HARDEST decision ever. Who knew there are over 5 million shades of 'white'? Actually.

I had a hard time choosing the kinda white I wanted. But with extensive research online and offline, I came to a decision. 

The chosen colour was 'Decorator's White' by Benjamin Moore

This white is supposed to go really well with greys and blacks. My home will be very white. I'm totally obsessed with a FULLY white home. No colour needed. I will throw in some greys and blacks for contrast. 

What are your thoughts on that? Weigh in!

A little recap for those who are not on Snapchat!

Shot a fun little OOTD on Sunday. Can't wait to share the photos with you guys! Stay tuned, the post goes live next Monday. 

And to continue with home decor shopping, I bought a beautiful art piece from Home Sense. It's an abstract fashion piece. So, naturally I died for it. 

Still on the hunt for a gold bar cart!!! Send me your recos!

Anddd on that note, I'm apologizing in advance for not being able to post too frequently these next few days, as I get ready for the big move. However, DO come hang out on Snapchat. UN: kim-marquis. Snapchat is seriously more fun anyway. 

Okay, chat soon!

Xx, kim

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Little Black Jumpsuit.

Yesss. I'm ditching my LBD for the LBJ! Because how chic, no?

Nothing I love more than playing up the little black....anything. Dress, jumpsuit, blazer, shoe, whatever. 

Point is, it can be so classic and chic, and more so, can be dressed up or down. Whatever your mood is. 

I went with a somewhat casual look for this one. High-top bun, which I rarely do, and my favourite pair of heels. Favourite, because a) leopard print (duh!) and b) the most comfiest pair of heels I own. No joke. I can wear these ALL day. 

Let's talk about this jumpsuit though. Loving the little details, like the pleated winged shoulders, the zipper detail at the bottom of the pant, and the attached fabric belt. 

I love the attached belt because you can tighten/loosen as much as you want. The little bow in the back really gives it a cute, feminine look. I also love how you can pull up the pant, giving off that very casual, dropped-crotch look. 

To play up something this simple, you can also add the right kind of accessories. I wanted to keep it as simple as ever, but whenever I can add a subtle pop to my outfits, I do! Which, in this case, are the leopard print shoes and the long gold chain. 

And because I went with a high-top bun, I also added a bolder earring. To be very honest, I rarely wear earring that pop THIS much. I'm more of a subtle studs kinda gal. But I felt these earrings just gave the outfit a little more ompf. You know?

And lastly, these SUNNIES!!!! Yes, Tom Ford's! My new favourites. If you guys know me, you know that I pretty much have a shop of sunnies in my car. I have like 15 just there and not to mention another 6 in my purse. You never know when you're going to need them. And you're always prepared when your friends "forgot"

In any case, I'm a little obsessed with collecting sunnies, so deal with it. These Tom Ford's are the newest addition, and mannnnn, are they ever hot!! 

What's new with you guys? Share!

Is anyone up to anything fun this week/weekend? 

Who tuned into Snapchat to see my new home purchases?! Okay, so I'm a total stickler for art. I have been looking everywhere for the perfect piece that really depicts who I am, you know? Like, I wanted something abstract, with a hint of fashion, because clearly...

And I happen to come across a beautiful HOME SENSE yesterday! Yes, Home Sense! It was perfect. So, if you haven't seen it, join me on Snapchat to see! UN: kim-marquis.

I was also on the hunt for a long mirror, and the hunt ended yesterday as well! Also another GREAT Home Sense find! 

Can't wait to bring you guys into my new home! And I mean this in a totally non creepy way. 

The countdown is SO on!

If you guys have any tips for moving, any major home sales you come across, PLEASE SHARE! Facebook me, tweet me, snap me, email me...literally no shortage of ways to contact me. Love hearing from you guys! 

Okay, that's it for now. 

Chat soon, friends!

Xx, kim


Sunnies // SmartBuyGlasses (Tom Ford)

Jumpsuit // TFNC London

Gold Chain // Lucky Star Jewels

Shoes // Zara (sold out) Similar here and here.

Bracelet // Chapters (sold out) Similar here.

Ring // Similar here.

Thanks to TFNC London & SmartBuyGlasses for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!

Photography by Victoria Jmourko

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Afternoon Tea At The Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

WARNING: This post is going to make you extremely hungry and you're going to want to RUN to the Fairmont Royal York for afternoon tea

Happppy Monday, friends!

I thought I should give you the warning before getting into this delicious post. Yes, delicious!

I had the pleasure of attending afternoon tea at the Fairmont Royal York hotel with one of my besties last weekend, and because I had such an amazing time, I obviously needed to come back and share the experience with you. If you have been to the FRYH before, afternoon tea is had in their very chic, Library Bar.

And if you were following on Snapchat (UN: kim-marquis), you already know how much fun we had sipping on tea AND mimosas in our very stylist fascinators. Guys, I have a thing for the English lifestyle, so this "afternoon tea" is veryyy up my alley. I kinda just need to be-friend Kate Middleton now...

Okay, moving on...before I get to how cute her children are and how we'd be related if I married Prince Harry. Haha. 

Before we even had a chance to peruse the menu, we were brought two, absolutely delicious peach mimosas. I mean, what a way to start the afternoon right?! This is how everyone needs to start their afternoons...

The mimosas had a raspberry and blackberry to drop into your drink for that light fruit flavour. Mmmm.

While sipping on mimosas, we got to choose our tea. They have a HUGE selection of teas from your typical white teas, herbal teas, oolong teas and more. 

I had the "Berry Berry" tea, because fruity teas are my favourite. This one had a blend of elder berries, dried currants, strawberries, blueberries, and hibiscus petals. SO GOOD. 

Next time, I'm going to try out their bespoke blends that are made in-house. They have a Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread White Tea, which sounds like HEAVEN! So, I'm actually dying to go back to try that one out. 

If any of you have tried that, tell me more about it in the comments!!

Next up was a plate of mini sandwiches. 

Smoked Salmon Mini Bagels with a Citrus Aioli. I'm not a big fan of anything smoked, but this smoked Salmon was to DIE for!

Chicken Celery Salad on a Sundried Tomato Brioche, Caramelized Pecans.

Open Face Grilled Seasonal Vegetables on Pretzel Bread with Hummus.

Organic Cucumber with Pink Peppercorn Cream Cheese. This one was one of my faves!!

Smoked Aurora Turkey Breast on Brioche with Cranberry Aioli and Arugula. And ANYTHING arugula is just divine. My obsession for arugula runs deep, guys!

Now before you go thinking these sandwiches are full size, please refer to the photos. They are mini sandwiches. Afternoon tea is not supposed to be a filling meal. It's a snack between bigger meals. The English are HUGE on tea and mini sandwiches. Besides, everything mini is just better. Amiright?!

These sandwiches are all SO healthy btw! You just leave, feeling amazing snacking on mini, healthy, gourmet sandwiches as opposed to a bag of chips. 

Don't get me wrong, I rarely turn down a bag of chips, however, balance is key, and these mini's are the perfect combination of healthy and delicious. 


K, get ready for some serious drool!

Chantilly Swans with Fresh Berries...yes swans! Because they are actually shaped like a swan! It's the littlest details that amaze me!

Mini Guava Chocolate Cups. SO MUCH YES.

Mini Meringue Tartlets.

Mini Dark Chocolate Truffle Torte. These were also heaven! Totally my favourite. 

Traditional Cranberry Scones with Devonshire Cream was also served. These are so soft, they just kinda melt in your mouth. 

The deserts conclude the Afternoon Tea. At this point, you're pretty full, trust me. 

Okay, so who has had afternoon tea at the Fairmont? Weigh in! If you haven't been, this is the perfect place for a get together with girlfriends, wedding showers, birthdays, etc. 

I'm already excited to go back!! Because Chocolate Chip Banana Bread tea!! Who can resist??

How was everyone's weekend? What did you guys get up to? 

This weekend was super low key and relaxed. The weather was pretty good, so lots of walks in the park were in order. You know, 80 year old things. 

Anyways, hope you have have an amazing week ahead of you!

Chat soon--

Xx, kim

No shortage of laughter with my bestie, Daniel Pillai! (Stay tuned for his new show, #DateWithDaniel releasing June 23rd, 2016!)

Thanks to Sonya Singh and the entire team at Fairmont Royal York hotel for accommodating us. As always, all opinions are my own!

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Crop Tops & Overalls.

How are overalls not worn more often?!

These things are the comfiest things ever! It's literally like walking around in your PJs all day.

HAPPY FRIYAY you guys! 

What's everyone up to this weekend? I will be busy shooting some new stuff for you guys, and also home shopping. I feel like that is my life these days. Shoots and home shopping. 

The condo will be mine in t-minus 12 days!! Ahhh, it's a bit crazy, but exciting at the same time. 

Is anyone else a new home owner and just have like crazy emotions going on? I feel like I'm pregnant. (but no) LOL. 

One day I'm super excited, another I'm nervous AF, when I think of all the things I need to buy/ get done. The lists are actually never ending. I've got like 7 lists going on. 

Okay, let's talk about this outfit for a bit. For anyone that loves wearing jeans, overalls are EVEN better. I feel like overalls are maybe even a step up? But that topic is up for discussion.

I totally feel like a kid in these overall. But a really chic one, you know? 

This is a super casual look. I paired it with a simple cropped white tee and this very cute, faux leather hat

Of course, if you are going to dress up an outfit like this one, always go with adding some accessories. I've added a few to this look, but you can also do a bold lip colour. Think, magenta pink lip. I wanted to really keep it casual for this one. 

And on another crazy note!! I'm on my way to get the new Samsung S7! 

I need some advice guys, how are we liking the new Samsung? Or are we all just iPhone users now? Lol, either way, I'm not ready to make the switch from Samsung to iPhone just yet! 

Okay, have an amazing, productive weekend, friends!

Praying for GREAT weather!!

Xx, kim

Photography by Victoria Jmourko

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