Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Black On Black + This Clutch by SEA and SALT.

Guysss, you can pretty much NEVER go wrong with black on black. (Remember this lacey number?) 

It's SO classic, that it just always works. You know?

Honestly, when I'm in no mood to get creative with outfits, I slap on an all black outfit, and it actually looks as though I've made an effort. (But really, I have not. Shhh, that's our little secret...)

Also, what's really great in playing up an outfit, and I've said this many times on the blog, is accessorizing. Throw on a cute pair of sunnies, wear bolder shoes, and go hard with your bag game.

Somehow, it all just works. 

I have to talk about this clutch!!

Firstly, can we talk about how Chic Confidential-esque it is?! Scroll to the bottom to get a closer look at the pattern. It's the same pattern as The Chic Confidential logo. So, when I saw it, I obviously NEEDED it in my life, because a crocodile print/textured clutch is everything.

Let's also talk about the designer of SEA and SALT, Corinne Furniss. More than anything, I love it when something is Canadian made. And moreover, I love it when the designer is a Ryerson University alumni! Yes, I'm a bit bias because I'm a Ryerson alumni.

She's also an avid traveler and gets her inspirations through the needs of travelers and art. Learn more about her here.

This piece is one of my favourites from her collection. Not only does it scream Chic Confidential, but it's also a juxtaposition of classic and unique. Classic, for its black and white palette, and unique, for it's triangular shape. 

I love that it can be dressed up, or dressed down. The clutch is 100% vegan leather, (SO MUCH YES) and kinda the perfect accessory for traveling. It fits all the necessities; your passport, cell phone, lip balm, and money. Not to mention, you'll be the chicest looking person at the airport. ;)

And if white is more your thing, it ALSO comes in white

But seriously, is this not the cutest damn clutch you've seen? 

I'd love to see the way you guys style it, so tag me in your pics at #ChicXSEAandSALT on Insta, Twitter, or Snap me your looks at kim-marquis. 

Xx, kim

Thanks to SEA and SALT for the clutch. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Victoria Jmourko

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Two Of My Favourite Things Right Now: Brunch + Home Decor.

I mean, let's get real though...

Who DOESN'T love brunch and home decor talk?! 

I'm definitely not the only one.

So, remember in my last post I revealed some big that I'm officially a home owner? I also told you guys that I'm going to involve you in the entire decor process of my home decor, because why the hell not? 

You guys always have the best ideas, so it's only natural that I'd involve you. Plus, The Chic Confidential platform has kind of made us friends no? Lol.

So, over the weekend, aside from blog shoots, my bestie and I took some time for an afternoon brunch in the city and then went home decor shopping. There's nothing I love more than Pinterest when it comes to home decor BTW! (Follow my home decor board here).

Also, there's nothing like decorating a home that you own. It feels MUCH different than decorating a home that you rent. Trust me. There's something very liberating about it. 

It ALSO drains your wallet realllll fast. You kinda just want the BEST OF THE BEST for your new home, and won't settle for anything 'mediocre' (as you would when renting). At least this is the case for me. 

My parents think I'm made of money all of a sudden. (I'm not) But how do you justify purchasing a super chic, marble plate set, to taking an old set of plates from your parent's storage room. You know, the room where the useless re-gifts go? LOL. I'll pass, mom. But THANKS. 

Somethings can't be justified! 

On another note, I want to share some stuff that might excite you guys! Especially if you're a new home owner, or are looking to renovate a room or two. 

This book, The Complete Book of Home Organization is everything!! This book came right in time for Spring and more importantly, right in time for my new move. It has everything from spring cleaning, to de-cluttering, to kitchen organization, and more. 

As a blogger, I can't stand clutter. And as an events planner, I need to be organized 25/ feel me? So, this book is right up my alley. I can't have things lying around everywhere, it's distracting and therefore bad for blogging. 

For those of you with small apartment spaces and messy rooms, this book is for you!! Check it out, it won't disappoint. 

Another little item I'm OBSESSED with are these custom-made Instagram coasters from Coastermatic

You guyssss, tell me these are not the most adorable coasters you've ever seen though? And if you haven't noticed already, these are photos taken straight from my Instagram account. HOW CUUUTE RIGHT?!

This makes for the perrrfect gift for anyone OR the chicest addition to your coffee table. I know these will be a huge hit on mine ;)

I, of course picked some of my favourite fashion moments. Which included my tulle skirt in Paris, faux fur and fringe, a Fashion Week moment in Lucian Matis, and chic caftans on the beach

And because you guys are the best, you can get these coasters at a discounted price using the code: Chic_Confidential (Valid until May 20th.)

What would you put on your coasters?! SHARE.

Okay, so if you're loving everything about this post, comment, snap me (kim-marquis) tweet me, or comment on my latest instagram photo and let me know. 

Also, recommend your favourtie home stores! Online/off line. What are you guys loving in terms of decor, these days? Share your Pinterest boards, I'd love to check them out!

That's all for now!

Xx, kim

Thanks to Simon & Schuster for the book and Coastermatic for the custom coasters! As always, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Victoria Jmourko

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Flats You Will LOVE This Summer.

Fave Flats


Hi Hi!

Okay, so I'm totally switching over from my love for heels over to these superrr cute flats!

I've been SO into just simple black/white flats lately, and I thought I should probably share the obsession with you guys. #duh

As we approach "summer," most people love floral everything. And as much as I love colour in my wardrobe, I'm kind of sick of seeing florals. Anyone else? It seems to be "trending" every fucking summer. Like no. Let's switch it up shall we?

I'm all for colour, but can we not do SO MUCH floral?!

Okay, I'm done raging.

Which is why I'm very much into these simple black and maybe a printed flats. Play up your outfit but lets keeps the flats to a minimal. Amiright?

K, so I'm still on the hunt for a few more flats to add to my shoe closet for this Spring/Summer, so leave links in the comments if you see cute ones.

Also, snap me (kim-marquis) if you're sporting cute flats today. I wanna seee!

Xx, kim

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Stripes And Things. Plus, BIG News.

Haaaaaapppy Monday!!

Okay, no, I'm not THAT excited that it's Monday...

How was everyone's weekend? 

I couldn't have been happier with the weather this weekend! If you live in Toronto, you KNOW that our Spring has pretty much consisted of snow and minus degree weather....

Everyone here had ALMOST given up on Spring completely. However, this weekend finally brought in temperatures we've been longing for. 

This of course, meant that it was patio weather!! Watermelon Mojitos + cold brew coffees. YUM. 

Shirt H&M  |  Skirt Joe Fresh  |  Bag Louis Vuitton  |  Shoes Vince Camuto


Since the weather was perrrrfect this weekend, I took the opportunity to do A LOT of blog work. I shot a bunch of fun stuff, including a few outfits. 

Can't wait to post! Don't worry, my weekends don't always consist of A LOT of work. We have fun most of the time ;)

Let's talk a little about this outfit. It's very sexy-librarian if you will. Haha. All I need are some thick-framed glasses and I'm golden. 

I love a striped print though. It's very sliming and super flattering to the body. Pairing it with this skirt was also great. I've shot this skirt before, and I just love how comfy it is. 

Also, these Vince Camuto shoes are everything. A bit on the painful side, not gunna lie, but who cares right? Sometimes a little pain will go along way. Haha. 

I also wanted to share some big news with you all!

When something happens in my life, I LOVE sharing it with you guys. I feel like The Chic Confidential has become a platform where I can really connect with my readers, and I love, love, love the support you guys give me.

So anyways, the big news is that, I'm officially a home owner!!

After months and months of searching for the perfect place, I found something that I absolutely love! It pretty much had everything I was looking for when looking for a place.

Soooo excited to share this with you guys, because now you can totally expect lots of updates on home decor purchases, and more! Can't wait to bring you guys inside my home...sounds weird, but when you're a blogger, not really right?

I want to bring you guys along on the journey as I KNOW you have tons of feedback, advice, and major ideas that you can share. Follow along on Snapchat because it's just WAYYY more fun there. Haha. UN: kim-marquis.

I'll be sharing all my decor, furniture, etc. purchases, and I'll need you guys for everything. So, come hang out with me!

And if you guys have any advice on condo living, or know of any major online or in-store sales, DO SHARE!! I need all the sales I can get right now! 

So far I've only got my couch and just yesterday purchased this bed. ON SALE! How gorgeous is this bed though?!

Okay I'm off to peruse more home decor websites! 

Chat soon,

Xx, kim

Photography by Victoria Jmourko

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spicy Bikinis. Yes, We're Getting Summer Ready!

I know I JUST did a post on Spring coats....but can we move on to hotter weather already?!

If you know me, you know I LIVE for summer. But then again, don't we all? 

I count the days till hot weather comes rolling in and I can finally bring out those bathing suits I have been saving all winter. 

It may not be bikini-hot weather yet, but you can never be too prepared. Amiright?! Which is why I have complied a list of the hotttttest bathing suits from Simons. No, this post is NOT sponsored. I just happen to be at the Simons store opening a couple weeks ago and fell in love with their swimwear collection.

Starting with the top left, striped bikini. How effin cute though? I love a good print and stripes are always super flattering to the body. Plus, that high-rise bikini bottom is sexy AF. 

The black one piece is just so classic with a twist, of course. Lately, I have just been more into one piece bathing suits. Anyone else? I'm very moody when it comes to bathing suits and I'm not going to actually tell you how many I own....because that's just not important. Haha. 

The palm tree print one piece is one of my faves at Simons! We're seeing that print everywhere these days; on throw pillows, notebooks, summer dresses, etc. I love, love, love it. 

Moving on to the two piece palm tree print bikini. Obsessed with this one! I couldn't leave Simons without buying it. The mesh, high-neck top is super sexy and so unique. I had to have it, you guys!

The multi-coloured two piece is one you don't normally see. I love the fact that it's not your typical bikini. It's also a bit more conservative, which is great for those days you're just not feeling like exposing too much belly...

And lastly, the neon yellow two piece. Another favourtie of mine! Again, loving the high-rise bottoms. Gives you that vintage 50s feel. Also love the detail on this one! 

Is it crazy that I want to own ALL of them?! .......not really. 

Which ones are you guys digging? 

Xx, kim

At the store opening with my bestie.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Step Up Your Bed Sheet Game.

Yes, this IS a real post, and we ARE talking about bed sheets. 

Oh, and by no means, is this post sponsored. 

I legit want to talk about the importance of picking the right bed sheets! You sleep everyday. Why shouldn't we talk about how important it is to be sleeping on the right kinda sheets? Amirite?!

Okay, so I have done some extensive research...Lol. No, I'm not a weird fabric scientist or anything, but I am fucking anal about the sheets I sleep on. Sleep is something I don't mess around with. You know why? Because if you don't get enough of it, you'll age much quicker, and we all know how I feel about aging....

So, naturally I need my 8 hours of sleep and they need to be quality 8 hours. None of this tossing and turning, getting up five times to pee kinda sleep. I need 8 FULL hours of non-disturbed sleep. Anal right? (I bet all the new moms out there are giving me some major eye rolls right now...) 

Thankfully, as of right now, I'm not juggling kids AND sleep...but can you imagine?! I'll reassess when I get there.

So after a bit of research and testing out many, MANY kinds of bed sheets, I've narrowed it down to four key things you need to look for when buying your bed sheets. 

Material. Thread Count. Weave. Ply.

If you follow these four things, your sheets will NOT disappoint. 


Cotton is obviously the most popular fabric for bed sheets. It was back in the day and it still is, now. Egyptian Cotton to be precise. It's great for both, winter and summer climates. It's more on the cooler side, so if you sleep warm, then cotton should be your go-to.  

I also LOVE bamboo fibre sheets. Again, this is a total personal preference, but I've been really drawn to the softness and comfort of bamboo fibre sheets. They seems to work well with my body temperature as well. Bamboo is sustainable and naturally antimicrobial, and therefore absorbs moisture a little better than cotton will. 

Also remember that washing your sheets should make them softer in time. 

Thread Count:

Most people think thread count is the most important factor when buying sheets. It is important, however, not the be all and end all factor. 

What exactly is thread count? It's the number of threads in 1 square inch of fabric. 

Higher thread count DOES NOT mean softer sheets. There are many factors that can make up soft sheets. It's mainly its the type of fabric. Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, and Sea Island cottons are the higher standards. 

Also consider the length of the fibre. The longer the fibre, the longer lasting your sheets will be. Don't get sucked in by a thread count that's 800-1000. They can be just as soft at 400-500. 


This really depends on whether you want your sheets a little crisp or just soft. There's sateen or percale. Most cotton sheets will be percale and will be a more cool, crisp feeling, whereas a sateen is more tightly woven and heavier in weight. It's a matter of personal preference. Feel those sheets up well and good before getting them. 


This one is simple. There's either the single-ply or multi-ply. You definitely want to get the single-ply sheets, as those ones produce the finest, and strongest threads, which will keep your sheets soft and long lasting. 

- - -

In the end, it all comes down to feeling those sheets. Don't ever buy sheets that you can't feel. 

K, so is anyone else THIS anal about their bed sheets, or is it just me? 

If you are, and have other factors that we should all keep in mind when buying sheets, please share them in the comments!

I'm off to curl up in my bamboo-fibre sheets and watch Season 5 of Downton Abbey. 

Xx, kim

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

All The Spring Coats You'll Ever Need.

Hi Hi Hi. 

I feel like if I talk about MAY actually happen for us.

So, Spring coats!! The one and ONLY thing I like about Spring and even Fall weather, is how creative we can get with our outfits, with coats, cute boots, and accessories. Otherwise I'll stick to sweaty, 30 degree weather, thanks. 

I've picked out some of my favourite Spring coats and shared what I think is pretty essential for Spring. I am also a sucker for coats, so I can get a little carried away...

1. Your Faux Fur Coat.

I live and die for faux fur coats. 

Especially this one. The colour and texture is just beyond perfection. Obviously, it's not something I'll wear to the grocery store, but its perfect for an evening event. 


2. The Long Trench.

How classic is a trench like this one?! I feel like everyone should own a good old-fashioned trench coat. It's the perfect casual coat and you can throw it over anything. 

It can be as dressy or dressed down as you want it to be. 

You can definitely find me at the grocery store wearing this one. Haha.


3. The Short Trench.

K, you're probably thinking 'ummmm she probably doesn't need a long AND a short trench coat...' 

Except I do. 

Why? Because as I mentioned earlier, I am a total sucker for coats and it only makes sense that I have a short trench coat as well. 

In my opinion, they are very different, and can be used for different outfits/outings. Plus the material is totally different.

I know, I'm making excuses...sue me.


4. The Statement Coat.

I always think it's necessary to own a coat that you feel f***ing fabulous in!

Something you wouldn't wear all the time, but when the time is right, you bust out a coat that turns heads. THIS is my coat. It's super oversized and the colour is to die for. 

Really though, I'm so in love. 

Again, not something you wear on the daily. 


5. The Printed Coat.

You guys already know I love prints. On coats, pants, shoes, scarves, you name it. 

Andddd, the obsession with leopard print in particular, is still very much strong. #CougarLife

You have to know how and when to wear your bold prints. A coat like this one goes so well with a little black dress. Be subtle with prints. They don't have to be so in-your-face. 

Mind you, you CAN actually do print on print, just be careful on how you do it. Two, big and bold prints are almost never going to work out. However, a subtle one with a bold one, may go well together. 


6. Your Classic Leather Jacket.

There's nothing much to tell you about leather jackets. 

Everyone has to own at least one (or four if you're me).

It's the perfect casual Spring jacket. Can be dressed up or down, and can be totally badass when you want. Ripped jeans, combat boots, silver jewelry, and your golden. 


_ _ _

K, your turn, guys!!

What Spring coats are you loving?! Share them in the comments. I'm always looking to add to my collection. ;)

Have an amazing weekend. I'm off to binge watch Scandal. Errr, it's SO good!!

Xx, kim

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Do Or Die Curl Kit.

K, let's talk hair again. 

You guys know, my curly hair is pretty staple for me. I'm kinda known for it. Growing up, I was that skinny child with unruly, curly hair. Age 11-15 was just an awkward, awkward time for me. LOL. I died for straight hair when I was younger. I literally wanted to permanently get rid of curly hair...

When I realized that "permanently" straightening your hair would be somewhat of surgical procedure, I got over that pretty quickly. The curls were here to stay. 

Once I wrapped my head around having curly hair....forever, I actually invested in great products for my curls, and now couldn't be happier with my naturally curly hair. 

Don't get my wrong. I get sleek and straight blow-dries all the time, because anyone who has curly hair, KNOWS the struggle is realllll. Haha. 

I'm pretty picky with the stuff that goes into my hair as well. And I've done a post on some products I use regularly. 

Kérastase Canada saw my curls, loved them, and sent me their new Discipline Curl Idéal regime from Kérastase PARIS. I was SO thrilled to receive their package, because I was actually looking for some great new products for my hair. I love to mix it up and try new stuff. 

You guys know I would never recommend stuff on The Chic Confidential that I don't use and/or believe in. I've been using these products for over a month and a half now, and I'm LOVING it for my curls. I will use ANYTHING that makes the process of having curly hair, easier! Oh, and actually defining my curls ;)

The Cleansing Conditioner is your typical conditioner, that's super moisturizing. It really tames those curls down, which we all know, is near to impossible sometimes. I LOVE that it's sulfate and silicone free. A total added bonus!

The Oleo Curl Creme is the PERFECT curl relaxer in my opinion. I have used a ton of curl creams, and this one is one of my faves. Use this on damp hair and it really defines and softens your curls. SO GOOD. 

The Curl Masque is also one of my faves. You guys already know the obsession I have with masks. Whether it be hair masks or face masks, I'm in! This one is so great for getting rid of any frizz, which is perfect, because curly hair LOVES frizz. It's also just realllly good for your hair. If you wash your hair once a week (like I do) you can probably use the mask every time. However, I don't like my hair too silky to be honest. I like it a bit coarse, so I use the masque about twice a month. 

And lastly, The Curl Mousse. So my only memory of ever using mousse was wayyy back in high school, where I would wet my hair (in the sink) every morning and add a shit ton of mousse to my soaking wet hair, and by the time I got to school, my hair would be rock hard. That shit would NOT move. Don't tell me you guys haven't done that either! LOL. Thank GOD those days are long gone....
This mousse is quite different, and actually so amazing. I'm happy to say it doesn't make my hair rock solid. Guys, crunchy hair is NOT cool. It might have been 10 years ago though...

Anyways, I strongly recommend trying these out if you have unruly yet gorgeous curly hair. It's ALL about the products you use and put in your hair. I once hated my curls and wished death upon them. Now I wouldn't change them if someone paid me. 

If you guys have any products you strongly recommend, PLEASE share them with us, curly-haired chicks. I'm ALWAYS on the hunt!

And if you've tried these products, let me know what you think!

That's all for now. Xx, kim

Thanks to Kérastase Canada for sending these over. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Celebrating Canadian Fashion + THIS DRESS by Sakhuja Designs!

Okay, just an FYI...the white shit in my hair is snow...not dandruff flakes, in case you're wondering. LOL. Because, here in Canada, it snows in the Springtime...

Moving on.........

SOO much Canadian fashion this weekend and I'm SO proud to be a part of it/wearing it!

There is nothing more inspiring than a weekend that celebrates our very own culture/fashion. Two of my favourtie things. 

I attended Greta Constantine's 10 year anniversary event at Casa Loma this weekend. Where do I begin with how beautiful the event was?? Being an event planner, I literally pick at everything. From the decor, to the lighting, ambience, food, entertainment....down to the littlest detail of linens! LOL, anal much? yes! 

The theme of the event was "royal," so naturally the venue was pretty much perfect. Having an event at Casa Loma doesn't require much decor. It's stunningly beautiful...and SO royal!

The second you walked in, you pretty much felt like a goddess because of the lighting/ambience of the venue. The little decor that they did have, was perfect. They also had a beautiful display of the thought process of Greta Constantine's latest collection. Every little detail, including the models' hair and make-up, was thought out. 

The food was impeccable. I go STRAIGHT for the food btw....(kinda the way to my heart.)
Cornish hen and rice balls (I think...haha) with a mango salsa on top was my absolute fave!! They also had passed screwers of tuna, beef, mini beef patties and the most delicious cauliflower heads with cream cheese drizzle on top, served on individual spoons. Everything was SO DAMN GOOD.

The evening would not have felt NEARLY as royal if I wasn't wearing the most amazing custom made dress by none other than one of my favourite Canadian designers, Natasha Sakhuja of Sakhuja Designs.

You guyssss, how amazing is all that fringe though?!?! We already know that my love for fringe runs deeeep, but the fringe and sequins all over this dress made my LIFE.

The second I saw this dress from her collection, I instantly KNEW it was perfection for the event. It actually screams royal, no?? And the fact that it was a two piece was even nicer.

I also love that it was a bit Indian-inspired. Made me feel quite like Princess Jasmine.

Go follow her on Instagram right now: @sakhujadesigns

The whole night was just beautiful. Celebrating Greta Constantine's milestone was absolutely amazing. So proud to have such great Canadian talent right here in our city. Congrats to the boys, Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong on their amazing success! Here's to another 10 more great years!

Okay, here are some photos from Snapchat:

With  the amazing Glen Baxter, blogger friend, Solmaz of The Curious Creature, and my hot date, Daniel Pillai.

With the lovely/crazy Beckerman gals!

If you guys want a custom outfit by the talented Natasha Sakhuja, please contact me and I can put you in touch with her! 

Have an amazing week, everyone!!

Xx, kim

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