Monday, February 27, 2017

Hey Millennials, Are You Saving For Your Future?

I recently came across a funny post on my Facebook feed, (since it's tax season) and had to share it with you guys. It said:

“I’m glad I learned about parallelograms instead of how to do taxes. It’s really come in handy this parallelogram season.”

LOL, right?

This got me thinking about the crap we learn in high school. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying education is a waste of time or anything. In fact, I’ve always been a firm believer in education. I personally, LOVED school.

However, parallelograms? Pythagorean Theorems? Really? I mean, can we update the education curriculum, PLZ? For the sake of our children's future! How many of us are actually applying the Pythagorean Theory to our daily work lives? Can I get a 'hell no!'?

Once I left high school, and started University is when I realized a lot of the stuff we were forced to learn in HS isn’t helping us in real life. I mean, where are the courses on learning how to do your taxes? Or financially investing for retirement? Or learning about mortgages? Like, WTF is the difference between RRSPs, RESPs, and RPPs?! I signed about 849728906 papers when I recently bought my condo, and let's be real here, I have NO IDEA wtf I was signing half the time. I could've been signing my life away for all I know...

Am I right? Or are we completely disagreeing with me here?

As millennials, I’m learning that A LOT of us want to work for ourselves. We’re striving to become successful entrepreneurs. This means, we’re investing a shit ton of money into our businesses and hoping there’s an enormous return in the future. We’re hoping that we don’t have to work until the tender age of 65, and can retire young enough to actually explore the world, spend the quality time with our families, etc.

But, do we know how to do this in a smart, intelligent way?

Being a blogger, I’m always reading articles on this. I’m constantly striving to make my business something amazing, and something I can be proud of in the future.

The goal is to also make money. OBVS.

So, when Meridian Credit Union approached me to visit their new Entrepreneur Centre to talk about how to be financially successful as a business owner, I was ALL IN. I mean, THIS is the stuff the high school curriculum needs to get on board with. No?

I don't want to be living paycheck to paycheck all my life. I want to be in a comfortable situation in life, where if something we're to happen, I'm not...stranded? I want to have enough to invest in my business, to be able to buy a home and not struggle with payments, and I want to be able to afford that Louis Vuitton I've been eyeing. Who's with me?

Saving for your future STARTS NOW.

When I met with Joanna from Meridian, she was so helpful with budgeting. We talked about my income, and then broke down all my expenses to see how much I'm actually saving. She explained how you should be doing this about 2-3 times a year. Your expenses are always fluctuating, so doing this every once in a while is very important. When you actually have the costs broken down in front of you, you can actually see where you should be cutting back.

Even the smallest costs, add up. (Like coffees)

I'm not saying you shouldn't spend your money on a coffee every morning. I'm just saying, if that's something that's important to you, be aware, and maybe cut down costs on something else?

For me personally, I would rather sleep an extra five minutes in the morning, than make a coffee. I'm comfortable buying a coffee every morning. However, with that in mind, I will choose how many times a week I'm eating out. Get it?

The best part is, you don't have to figure out all this on your own. Meridian was able to talk to me about so much. Basically everything that I mentioned above, (that I wish I was taught in high school) was explained to me by Joanna from Meridian.

Especially mortgages. Many of us are struggling to even get approved for a mortgage. What I love about Meridian is that, instead of looking at you as a number, they look at you as a human. So, what I mean by that is, a bank looks as your statements, and paychecks etc. whereas at Meridian, they also listen to your story. Sometimes, bank statements aren't enough to get you approved for a mortgage. Sometimes, you need to actually explain the situation you're in. This doesn't mean you can't afford to pay a mortgage. This is what I love about Meridian. Banks can be a little black or white, if  you know what I mean. We can sometimes have grey areas and that can be challenging with a bank.

Couple facts about Meridian Credit Union:

  • Whether you're looking to manage your personal or business life, or both, Meridian has all the products and services you need – from chequing and saving accounts to registered savings plans and mortgages.
  • They are the 4th largest Credit Union in Canada and have been around for over 70 years.
  • They are non-for-profit and support community events. They invest a minimum of 4% of pre-tax earnings in initiatives that benefit Ontario’s communities.

So, if you're worried about your future, or drowning in some debt, or have no idea about saving for retirement, ask for help! Meridian was SO helpful, and I left feeling really good about my future. There's nothing worse than feeling alone when it comes to debt or saving for your future.

How many of you are budgeting? Saving for retirement? Weigh in! I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this.

Also, if you guys have any questions about my experience with Meridian, feel free to reach out.

Chat soon--

Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with Meridian Credit Union. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

March Favourites.

I know it's not March yet, but the warm weather over the last few days has got me VERY excited for Spring! 

Blooming florals, pastel-coloured palettes, ice caps, and glowy-tanned skin? YES PLZ.

If you know me, you know that winter is HIGHLY annoying for me. There's absolutely nothing I enjoy about it. I mean, maybe now that I've been introduced to ice fishing, I could possibly like it a little? LOL. 

So, when we come across a weekend (in February) of double digit temperatures, can you blame me for getting wayyy excited? Probably not. 

Don't worry, I was not rocking a pair of shorts this weekend. Although, I'm sure tons of Canadians were. 

With all the Spring excitement, I thought I'd put together my favourite items that I'm currently loving for Spring, and some that are on my wish list: 

YES. My ongoing love for sunnies continue. Can I ever have enough? The answer is, no. These slightly tinted, pink sunnies are the perfect Spring accessory. I don't leave the house with at least 3 pairs of sunnies in my bag. I mean, you never know when you're going to want to switch them up. Right? (Okay, I'm a tad psycho when it comes to sunnies.)

Okay, this is definitely on the wish list! I LOVE a good, nudy-matte lip colour. This one looks almost J-Lo-esque. The girl does no wrong when it comes to nude lip colours. I'm not a huge fan of pink lip colours, but this one looks light enough with a very small hint of pink in it. 

This dress though!! Whatever occasion you may need a dress for, I guarantee you this will be THE ONE. Wedding showers, baby showers, a hot date, even a casual night out with your girlfriends. This is such a versatile dress. It can be totally sexy if you want it to be, or full-on conservative. You choose ;)

And how is this NOT the most ideal bag for Spring? I just got this leather beauty in from Hieleven, and I want to start using it NOW. They have it in a few different colours, but of course I chose the white because Spring is right around the corner. It's also the perfect size, with the three obvious pockets that every bag should have. I love that it's not too big, because then you end up with serious junk in the bag. But big enough to hold all the important things.

ALWAYS MARBLE. The love for white marble is deep. Real deep. So, when Saje sent me their limited addition aromabreeze diffuser in the marble print, I died just a little. Isn't it the most beautiful diffuser you've ever seen? It's only in stores for another week, so if you're like me, and had to have it, RUN, don't walk.

When you think velvet sandals, you don't normally think these gorgggeous ones above. In my mind if someone told me they owned a pair of velvet sandals, I'd think cheap 80s, blue, hooker-ish shoes. LOL. Anyone else? But when I came across these, I instantly fell in love. They are definitely not hooker-ish in anyway, promise. And when worn right, people won't stop staring. (In a good way, of course.)

I've talked about this before in a recent blog post already, but I want to mention again how great these products are. Especially the bronzer and foundation. I love a foundation that looks natural. No cakiness for me, please! It needs to go on light and I NEED my pores to still be breathing. That's very important to me when finding a foundation. I'm loving the foundation that Vichy came out with in this line. Looks and feels super natural. 


Okay, that's it for now. 

Can you guys believe February is almost over?! Where does the time go?

I'm very excited, because I ordered a new book, on some of your guys' recommendations, called 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*uck.' SO looking forward to getting started with that one!

Who's read it? Share your thoughts.

Chat soon--

Xx, kim

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Say No To Stress: Four Ways I Handle It.

I've been told on countless occasions that my aura is extremely stress-free. I just don't give out stressful vibes, nor am I a stressed out person.

At first, I thought, 'Why I am not stressed out? Is it because I just don't care?' 

Which is not true at all. I definitely do care. Whether it's about work, friends, life in general, etc. I care. So, it's not that. 

I came to thinking about this quite a bit, asking myself, what makes me a non stressed out person. I mean, LOTS of people in my life are stressed out 23 hours of the day. And here I am, with one of the most stressful jobs out there, by the way, and still...not so stressed. (I'm an event planner full-time, so I deal with ALL kinds of problems, everyday.) This ALONE should stress me out. But for whatever reason, it doesn't. 

I'm not saying that I never get stressed out. I'm saying that I'm not an overly stressed out person. Stress is inevitable. We all have it. Some of us have it higher than others. 

Dealing with it is the biggest challenge.

Then it came to me. It's HOW I deal with stress. Because no matter what, you cannot avoid life. Unless you sit at home on your couch everyday and never leave the house, there's no avoiding life and all that comes with it. And even if you sit at home, the bills are still piling up, life is STILL happening. 

It's all in the way you handle it. 

How are you handling life and the stressfulness that comes with it?

I'm in no way a stress expert, but I've examined my own life, and obviously when something is working for me, I want to share it with you guys. 

I don't get stressed out often, and these are small things I do in life to stay healthy and stress-free:

GET ENOUGH SLEEP. This is probably the biggest thing for me. If I don't get enough sleep, you WILL notice my terrible mood. You guys already know I'm not a morning person. I'd like to punch those those chirpy morning people right in the face if I could. And not because they're annoying (because they slightly are), but because I'm totally fucking jealous. I've read countless articles on becoming a morning person, and I've tried every trick in the book, and I just CAN'T. So, I need my eight hours of sleep to function. And no, not eight hours of 'okay' sleep, but eight hours of GREAT sleep. This means, you have to shut down. Whatever is going through your mind, turn it off. I know, I know, it's easier said than done. But, you can do things to shut off. Which brings me to my next point.

MEDITATE. I don't do a whole lot of meditating, but when I do, I commit. I pull out ALL the stops. This means, my diffuser is letting out 'tranquillity' essential oil, I've got candles going, barely any lights on, and I'm in my comfiest bathrobe. You need to get into the mindset of meditation, otherwise it really won't do much for you. 

Another thing about meditation is that you don't need to follow the 'meditation rules.' I know in yoga, they teach you to meditate without any thoughts in your mind. To let everything go and try and relax. It kind of never worked for me. So, I obviously did my own thing. I like to think of meditation as a time to think of whatever you need to, and then once you're done meditating, let go of whatever you were thinking of. So, this means, if you're meditating for 15 minutes, use that 15 minutes to think of whatever is on your mind. Whether it's work related, school related, relationship issues, whatever is stressing you out. Think about it, analyze it during your meditation. And once that's over, let it go. This way, you're ready to go to sleep with already having finished your stressful-thoughts. 

Does that make sense? It worked for me, so I'm sharing it. But remember, you don't have to follow the rules. Make your own. ALWAYS. Do whatever is working for you.

UNPLUG FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. Probably the toughest thing to do for blogger, because it's my job to stay connected. I try and do this everyday for a little bit. We are looking at screens non stop. At least with my jobs, I am. Emails are constantly coming through on both my phones. Yes, both. Social media notifications are blinking, text messages are flying in all the time. 

SILENT. Put your shit on silent. For at least an hour of the day. Turn off all notifications and enjoy some alone time with you. Your mind will slowly clear itself of stresses. When you're constantly connected on social media, or texting someone, or emailing someone, you're never left alone to dwindle with your own thoughts. You're constantly communicating. Which is not good for the mind. You need to learn to shut off and take a break from everyone. Disconnect. In today's world, it's the hardest thing to do. So even if you're doing it for 20-30 minutes, you're doing well! 

MUSIC. Yes, music. I grew up in a household that really loved music. My mother would blast country music every morning on weekends. My sister is a singer-songwriter. So, music was a huge part of my childhood, and still is. Music gets you to another world, in my opinion. When I want a moment to myself, I'll put my phone in another room, pour myself a glass of wine, and turn up the music really loud. Loud enough that I can't hear my own thoughts. And soft enough that my hearing isn't affected. LOL. And I'll actually dance around my place.

This is probably one of my favourite ways to let go of stress. It may seem silly to be dancing around my place with blaring music, but it's what works. TRUST ME. Try this, and you'll actually feel a whole lot better. Music is something magical. You can always relate to the words. Obviously, don't put on something depressing. LOL. 


There are many, many ways to handle stress. Just google it, and you'll come across 8475280654 articles telling you to exercise, eat healthy, etc. etc. I didn't google anything. I'm telling you what works for me. You need to look at your own life, and figure out what works for you. 

Stress is not doing your body any good. It ages you, and NO ONE wants that. And I get that stress is inevitable. We can't hide from it. It comes to us whether we like it or not. But, we can all deal with it in a healthy way. Find your healthy way.

Who else handles stress well? Share your tips!!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Family Day off! Happy Tuesday, back to the grindddd! 

Xx, kim


Photography by Victoria Jmourko

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Natural Make-Up Look With Vichy's Ideal Teint Line.

So the last post on the blog was about dressing up. ..

…And how it can be a chore. So, when shopping for outfits, it’s best to pick out classic pieces that are easy. No effort needed, right?

Well, I feel the same about make-up. It should take no longer than 15 minutes and it needs to look good. I don’t have hours to contour, put on fake lashes, and all that jazz. I need it to be simple, natural, and quick.


I’m also ALWAYS switching up my make-up brands. I mean, there are some key brands I’ll stick to for some products, but it’s good to keep switching up your brands. I do the same when it comes to hair products, skincare, etc. You don’t want your skin to get too used to something, because if you ever switch it up one day, you’ll break out all over your face. And NO ONE wants that.

So, switch up your brands every so often. I’m always trying new brands/products for you guys, so that when I find something I love, I immediately run to the blog to share it here. If something is working for me, you’re going to hear about it.

Like this new line, Idéal Teint by Vichy. Vichy sent me a few products from this line, and I’ve been using it for quite some time now. The thing I love about this line, is how light and natural it is. The make-up itself is VERY light. What I mean by light, is that it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on your skin. The one thing I HATE about make-up is when you can see a layer of it on your face.


No one wants to walk around looking like they’ve got 11 pounds of make-up on. It should look natural. In fact, as natural as ever. That’s my style, anyway. I mean, I still do a bold brow, some eyeliner, light eye shadow if needed, but for the most part, I like my make-up natural and light. AND DEWY.


I don’t wear foundation everyday because I feel I don’t need to. A tinted moisturizer is all I need with a bit of loose powder to even out my skin tone. I do use foundation when I’m shooting for the blog. The Idéal Teint Vichy liquid foundation is great for instant coverage. The best part about this line is the natural ingredients. You guys already know how anal I can be about ingredients. I LOVE a product with natural ingredients! See what’s in the foundation:

- Vitamin E unifies, resulting in a more radiant complexion day after day.
- Vitamin C regenerates the skin.
- Mineral pigments offer natural coverage.
- Liquid Light Technology provides an immediate healthy glow.
- Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water strengthens and primes skin.

Powder is something I wear daily. I find that my skin has some uneven tones to it. Just to keep things balanced, I like to use a powder on my face. Again, nothing too heavy. Light and natural. The Vichy power is actually one of my favourites right now. It can be a bit on the matte side, and like I said, I like my skin dewy. However, Under this I usually apply a natural oil to my skin. Coconut oil has been a go-to. Then I add a sunscreen, and a tinted moisturizer. I ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN.


Highlighting can be FUN! It’s definitely not something I wear everyday. It’s mainly a nighttime look. Unless you’re going for a drag-queen look, you never need to highlight during the day. It’s TOO MUCH. However, a nighttime, sexy, sassy look will always require a little highlight. If done well, it can really open up your face, and give you that gorgeous J-Lo look we ALL want. One of the reasons I LOVE this roll-on highlighter is because of its dewiness. It’s not very heavy, and the colour is beautiful. It’s also quite pigmented, so you don’t need too much. A roll-on highlighter is still pretty new to me, so I’m still learning how to put it on. If you’ve got any tips, send them my way!


Okay, so how HARD is it to find a good concealer?! Honestly, it’s the bane of my bloody existence. LOL. Concealers are probably the most difficult to match, in my opinion. You need the right shade for dark circles. Something that doesn’t crease and one that lasts all day. Again, I don’t use concealer unless I have to. So, I’m not a regular. But I’ve tried A LOT of concealers, and none of them look natural. This one is a roll-on, and I feel like I’m getting closer to finding a winner. It’s quite liquidy, so if you’re used to a stick concealer, this is a bit of a change. I’m going to keep trying this one out, because I think there’s something about it that I like.


Without a doubt, I LOVED this bronzer the second I put it on my skin. And yes, brown-skinned girls also wear bronzer. LOL. It’s got that perfect natural, sun-kissed glow. I can’t say enough about how nice it is. I use this one everyday and I love it. Sometimes I skip the powder, and just use this.


Okay, so who else doesn’t fuss too much about their make-up?

Don’t get me wrong, when I’m getting dressed up and going full out, I’ll definitely spend more than 15 minutes on my make-up. Maybe 30? Ha.

On that note, I’m off to take off my make-up, slap a mask on my face, and call it a night with some peppermint tea and Grey’s Anatomy. (I’m on a serious binge!)

Chat soon.

Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with Vichy. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Casual Vibez In This Cognac Jacket.

Let's be clear.

Getting dressed up can be quite the chore. I mean, there really is A LOT to it. 

The hair. The make up. The outfit. The shoes. Accessorizing. And let's not leave out the waxing/shaving, perfume, blah blah blah. 

It's a lot. No?

Don't get me wrong. I love it. 

But as women, we have SO many more steps to getting ready than men do. It's actually unfair.

So, whenever I don't have to dress up, I take every opportunity to go the casual route. This doesn't mean I end up looking like a slob. It's still put together. Just not that much effort, you know? 

Which is why I love staple pieces. We ALL need them in our wardrobes for quick and easy outfits.

You know, the black blazer. The classic white button-up blouse. A faux fur vest. Black pumps.

Well, lately it's been this cognac jacket. I meannnn, howww CHIC, right??

It's something you can literally throw over anything, and you're instantly 'put together.' 



This has totally been my weekend outfit lately. I mean, I switch it up here and there, but I'm loving how easy it is to style this jacket. It's very light, so obviously it's not a jacket jacket. Like, you need a winter coat, but when I'm running errands on the weekends, there's nothing I hate more than lugging around my heavy winter coat. I like to just toss it in the car, wrap a blanket scarf around me, and run around, getting shit done in something lighter. 

Plus, when you're indoors wearing a thick jacket, you end up getting hot and sweaty. And NO ONE like that. 

This suede-ish jacket is the perfect, light coat for all your errand running. And since Spring is just around the corner (hopefully, fingers crossed,) I'm looking forward to ditching all things Winter, and swapping out my wardrobe for Spring things.

Let's also talk about hair. And how I'm totally over washing it. LOL.

No really. I don't wash my hair more than once a week. I actually like going slightly over one week, if I can. 

And to be very honest, my hair in this post is 8 days old. NO JOKE.

Hair actually styles WAYYY better when it's dirty. Try it. I think I've successfully convinced almost all of my coworkers to stop washing their hair everyday/every other day. It's NOT good for your hair. I think I'll do a full post on how you shouldn't be washing your hair more than once a week. 

It's actually very damaging to your hair to wash it often. And if you're worried about it smelling bad, fear not. There are MANY options. Dry shampoo, baby powder are a few of my favourite options. 

Guys, trust me on this one. Don't wash your hair unless you have to. 

Here's some products I live by when it comes to my hair.

Okay, so tell me about you guys! Do you love/hate dressing up? Do you find it to also be kind of a chore? Pain in the ass? LOL. Do tell! 

What are you go-to staple pieces that you absolutely cannot live without?

On that note, I need to do a full Winter wardrobe cleaning asap. Any suggestions are welcome. I hate hoarding.

Xx, kim


This post was in collaboration with As always, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

At Home With My Saje Diffuser.

When I’m having a stressful day, whether at work or just in general, there’s nothing I’d love more than to check myself into a spa, far away from everyone. Spas really are the way to a healthy life, in my opinion. There’s something about the smells, the sounds, the quiet space, and the overall atmosphere. It’s got a relaxing feel to it, which calms your nerves. Even just sipping on some herbal teas and sitting in the quiet instantly makes me feel better.

However, we don’t always have the luxury of checking into a spa whenever we want. We usually have to think ahead, book a couple weeks in advance…

So, I’ve kind of brought the spa to me.

With this Saje Diffuser.

It’s not a spa, but let’s just say it’s a whole lot cheaper ANDDD achieves the same goal. #Winning

What you really want is a spa-feel. And this diffuser is EXACTLY THAT.

So, what is a diffuser?

Glad you asked – It’s a small, pretty little device that disperses essential oils into the air so that the aroma fills a room or an area with a natural fragrance. The ultrasonic technology, combined with water and diffuser blend, produces negative ions and aromas that elevate your well being by dispersing the essential oil molecules into the air. Basically, giving you a relaxing, spa-like feel.

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at a spa all the time?! Not only does it feel like a spa, but the benefits are endless:

· Known to be effective against bacteria, molds, and viruses thus improving mold allergies.

· Provides respiratory, sinus, nose, and throat support. Try diffusing eucalyptus throughout the night while you sleep to help with a cold.

· Mood lifting, calming, relaxing and mind focusing effects.

· Boosts your immune system, particularly with thieves oil and lemon essential oil.

· Naturally cleans and purifies the air.

· Assists in balancing hormonal issues.

So, when I’m feel stressed out, or just need a break from everything/everyone, I turn on my diffuser and just relax. I try and do this every night actually. It gets addicting.

Here are some of my favourite essential oils:

Tranquility: With the key ingredient being Roman Chamomile, this oil gives the scent of delicate florals, helping with insomnia and stress relief. I love having this one on right before bed. It helps me fall asleep in minutes.

Exhale: This oil's main ingredients are eucalyptus and peppermint. It's a stronger scent that helps calm your nerves. It's got a woodsy, herbal smell and is great for calming the mind. After a long day of work, this one is perfect!

Liquid Sunshine: This one is by far my favourite one. I use this the most, because the scent of grapefruit just uplifts my soul! It almost has a positive vibe to it. Weird? The zesty fresh scent boots your mood and literally brightens your day. TRUST ME.

Refresh: Another favourite. This one's got eucalyptus, spearmint, and lemon in it, giving you an instant pick me up. This one is great for energy and helps boost your mood as well.

Rain Forest: This is for anyone who loves the smell of forest walks in the summer. I may not be the most outdoorsy person, but I LOVE a good hike in the forest in the summer time. It's one of my favourite things to do, actually. This scent's main ingredient is Balsam Fir, and I LOVE it! Really makes you feel like you're in a forest.

Spa Spirit: If you're looking for calm, peaceful, and serene, this is the scent for you. It takes you to the most beautiful spa-like atmosphere (in your mind, of course). I just close my eyes, and picture the most beautiful spa in my mind. An instant calming scent.


I'm also working on a full post on how I wind down. I feel like we all need time in our lives to just relax, turn off, and live a little. The only way to get some clarity in life, is to take time for ourselves. A few minutes everyday will bring MUCH happiness into your life. 

Stay tuned for a new post on that!

Okay, how many of you use a diffuser? Is it not the best thing of life?!

Saje makes the most beautiful looking diffusers that make your home look so...put together? Their unique and modern designs are perfect for any home. Really.

Let me know what your fave scents are! It's actually SO fun going shopping for the essential oils. :)

Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with Saje. As always, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ditch The Pink For Valentine's Day.

Nobody hates a cliché moment, more than I do...

Really, though. 

Pink on Valentine's Day? Yawnnnnn.

Let's not be boring. I like to spice things up. Go the opposite route.

We'll start off by saying, Valentine's Day is really not my thing to begin with. Roses? Chocolate? Teddy Bears that say 'I love you...'

NO. Just no.

I'd MUCH prefer chocolates, champagne, etc. on another night. Like, any other night. LOL. Just not February 14th.

Mind you, there was a time, a VERY long time ago, think high school, where Valentine's Day was ALL the rage. Teddy's, roses, candlelit dinners, giant cards, pink outfits, the whole nine yards. Hallmark was making a shit ton of money.

I mean, I think they still are.

But as I get older, I'm noticing that a lot of my friends aren't getting suckered into this "holiday." I like that we've realized that love shouldn't be celebrated on just ONE day. It should be embraced daily, spontaneously, and whenever you feel like it.

That being said, many people do still celebrate Valentine's Day. And that's great. You do you. Just don't be boring about it.

If you're going to do Valentine's Day, change it up. Introduce some cute, sassy, and chic outfits to the evening. Let's leave behind the pink sweaters, and red dresses. Instead, do a bold red lip. You feeling my vibe?

Here's what I'm loving for a non-traditional V-Day.

Okay, I know I just mentioned leaving behind the boring red dresses, however, in NO WAY is this floral shift dress, boring. In fact, it's a real statement piece. The large floral print is super eye catching, and there's something so sexy about the high neck. Obviously, with our winter you don't want to be wearing this dress in the frigid cold, but pairing this with a pair of grey tights and tall boots, will do the trick.

If you're doing a more casual night, this shoulder-frill sweater is your sassier take on the average black sweater. Again, we're ditching all things boring, and going for FUN. I love this sweater for many reasons. It's Black. The frill-sleeves are SO much fun. And, nothing about this says 'Valentine's Day'. HA.

It's ALWAYS a yes to sweater dresses. I mean, we live in one of the coldest countries. I live for sweater dresses. We don't get to wear dresses all year round, so when I find a cute, knitted, sweater dress, I'm ALL OVER IT. The lace-up front has a sexy feel to it. I would rock this at home with no pants. YES. That's my kind of V-Day.

I love an all-black moment. There's no doubt about that. Especially when it's THIS HOT. That belt is everything and those flared sleeves really make the entire dress. I mean, if I was doing a dinner on Valentine's Day, THIS would be the outfit I rock. It's chic as hell. No?


Okay, who here celebrates Valentine's Day? 

Do tell. What are the plans? Or is it more of a surprise thing?

I'm curious to know who still celebrates the "holiday." I mean, I'm sure my Facebook newsfeed will be filled with pink shit the day after v-day. 

+ This was last year's Valentine's Day look

This post was in collaboration with Wild Blue Denim. As always, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Let's Talk Hair Removal - Laser Hair Removal.

Let’s get real, shall we?


No one likes it. If there was a way to snap your fingers and get rid of ALL body hair, I’m sure every female on the planet of the earth would do it. LOL. It’s highly annoying to go for waxing appointments every few weeks and worse if you’re doing it yourself.

It’s painful, inconvenient, and the worst part is, it grows back…

When it comes to body/facial hair, I want it taken care of for good. Like, just gone forever. K? Thanks.

So, when I heard about laser hair removal, I HAD to try it out for myself.

Not going to lie, I was skeptical at first. There are lots of great things you hear about laser hair removal, but I like to research further into things. How safe is it? Is the hair really gone forever? What damage am I doing to my skin? Etc.


I can’t stress enough about doing your own research when it comes to your body/skin/face, etc. Just because you see a great deal on Groupon for laser hair removal, doesn’t make the medical spa legitimate. Check out the reviews, see what people are saying, dig a little deeper.

If I’m going to put a laser light on my skin and get rid of body hair forever, I need to make sure it’s safe!

Infuse Med Spa, my all-time favourite place to go, is where I decided to try out laser hair removal. From the second you walk in the spa, you get the ultimate service. The ladies are wonderful, experienced, well-knowledged, and not to mention, beautiful!

Okay, so what is laser hair removal? Here’s what Infuse MedSpa has to say:

Pain-Free, Hair-Free is becoming one of the most recognized treatments among patients interested in laser hair removal. The Soprano®XL platform (the laser machine) is the industry’s only standalone pain free hair removal system. Permanent Reduction of Hair growth with the NEWEST Technology for all skin types.

- Soprano XL system offers a Dual chill tip allowing the treatment to be virtually Pain Free.
- Fast, Safe and Reliable for all areas of the body.

I chatted with Kavita Suri, the brains and beauty behind Infuse Med Spa, and asked her some of the typical misconception questions that we ALL want to know before getting laser hair removal done.

How does laser hair removal actually work?

The treatment is most effective with a Diode Laser, which is a True Laser for Laser Hair Removal. At Infuse Med Spa we have the latest in Technology - Soprano XL - Pain Free

If you are ready to jump on board with SMOOTH HAIR FREE skin, it is really simple. All waxing, tweezing + Nair hair removal methods must STOP as the Laser Technology works with the Hair Follicle under the skin. The Diode Laser disables the Hair Cycle growth.

The Soprano XL has a Cool Blue Sapphire tip that creates the PAIN FREE experience during the treatment. The most exciting aspect of this technology is that is works with ALL SKIN TYPES. 

How safe is laser hair removal? Does it hurt?

Laser Hair removal is safe and effective. However, it can't be treated on clients who are Pregnant, Breastfeeding, Taking Hair Growth Supplements and Photo-Sensitive Meds.

As mentioned previously, it is Pain Free. :)

Is the hair really gone forever?

Laser Hair Removal is PERMANENT REDUCTION not REMOVAL. We can never truly get rid of our hair follicles we are born with it :). Laser Hair Removal is a fantastic treatment for overall reduction, popular areas are Brazilian, Underarms, Full Face and Full Legs.

Can people of all skin tones and hair types get this treatment? Is it equally effective on everyone?

With the Technology offered at our Spa YES it works on All Skin Types and we totally take pride in that :)

- - -

I honestly can't say enough about the service over at Infuse. They just get it, you know?

So, would I recommend laser hair removal? I totally would. I've personally had a great experience with it. The hair is not completely gone yet, but I've also not yet finished all my treatments. Looking forward to the final results. I'll keep you guys posted!

A couple things to keep in mind before going to your appointment:

- Don't wear any make up to your appointment if you're getting laser done on your face. They will remove it before the treatment.

- It doesn't hurt, but it does sting a little. I mean, you are burning off your hair. If it didn't hurt a little, it would be odd.

- Avoid tanning before your appointment.

- Avoid too much sun 24 hours after your appointment.

- No waxing or plucking before or during your treatments. ONLY trimming.

- I LOVE the ice roller after my appointment. It cools the skin.

Infuse Med Spa also offers other services too. Everything from all kinds of facials, Skin Tightening, Acne Light Therapy, Tattoo Removal, Bridal Make-up, and their new Eyebrow and Lash service!

If you're ever in the Yorkville area, pop in and say hi! They are the sweetest bunch of ladies!

And if you guys have ANY specific questions about laser hair removal, let me know in the comments, or email me! I'm happy to answer them all.

Okay, time to make some ginger tea and call it a night. 

Chat soon--

Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with Infuse Med Spa. As always, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Chic Winter Accessory. The Infinity Scarf.


Another week. Let's go!

I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again, I really don't hate Mondays. 

In fact, I quite like them.

Mondays are meant for a fresh start. You're given a couple days to relax and recoup. And then with a clear mind, start again.

Is anyone else like this? 

Mind you, please don't talk to me before I've got a coffee in hand and had a couple minutes to myself in the morning. And chipper, morning people are the most annoying. LOL.

But overall, Mondays never disappoint. I usually take some time on Monday to set aside some goals for myself, the blog, and just in general. It's my way of getting things done. And yes, I actually write them down. It doesn't have to be Monday morning. But pick a slow time on Monday, and jot down some things you want to accomplish in the week. 

TRUST ME. It helps. 

Moving on. 

Let's talk about this CHIC AF winter accessory. And no, it's not a "round scarf" or a "circular scarf," it's an INFINITY SCARF. Let's get it right people...

I'll admit, not the type of scarf you'll want to wear...let's say, ice fishing. HA.

But all other times, it's super cute, warm(ish), andddd the cool thing about this scarf is, it's got two sides to it. One side has got the bold purple, teal, and grey tones to it, and the other side contrasts nicely with a white, diamond-cut lace fabric. 

This gorgeous infinity scarf is the perfect accessory to your night out. There's nothing I hate more than a bulky scarf ruining a gorgeous coat. Just like I hate a bulky coat, ruining a fabulous outfit. Just, no.

The Mauve scarf is one of my favourites from Sisa & Co. If you haven't heard of these ladies by now, you need to run, not walk and check out their online store. 

I've mentioned before about my love and support for Canadian brands, and this one is EXACTLY that. 

Sisa & Co. is a young start up fashion accessory line that was created by two sisters, Diana and Paula, who wanted to use their creative differences by building something together. They are both super creative entrepreneurs that came together and created their cute little accessory company, Sisa & Co.

Anddd, if I haven't sold you on infinity scarves yet, THIS one's on sale!

They also have a ton of other cute infinity scarves. Do check out their online store. LOTS of options. And we know how much I love options. 😍😍😍

On a completely different note, can we please talk about Scandal season 6?!?! HOLY F#@$! 

I'm losing my mind...

If you watch, let's get chatty! Snap me, Insta me, or Tweet me

Chat soon, loves. 

Xx, kim


This post was in collaboration with Sisa & Co. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.

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